Black History, Bright Future.

Mullaways Medical Cannabis has got the go ahead from the Federal level of the Therapeutic Goods Administration to move forward with their plans to manufacture medical cannabis. After a long drawn out process they have finally received approval with Director Tony Bower being declared ‘a fit and proper person for a license’.

“The next step is to build a manufacturing facility in the Kempsey area before the license can be fully approved. This facility will be the first and exclusive to cannabis research and the making of new medicine,” says Tony.” Talks have been under way with Kempsey Council for a good number of months and will move ahead very quickly now. I will be entering into talks with Banks and private investors during the week and I don’t see any problems with that.”

“The NSW Government have been notified and I expect that they will now take their duty of care more seriously and not waste any more of our money on a senseless court case, that will leave people suffering even longer’, added Tony. “I say to the NSW Government the war is over, show humility in defeat.”



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