Cannabis Medicine Making Workshop


Since the announcement about the proposed “new rules” relating to Medicinal Cannabis use in NSW were made public just prior to Christmas, Nimbin has been inundated with people asking about Cannabis medicine, how to make it and where and when they can get hold of it.

This holiday season is seeing Nimbin fast becoming a hub of Medical Cannabis tourism.

Looking sometimes like “fish out of water” sufferers are coming to the village either seeking information and/or medicine or wanting to know where to buy cannabis to make their own – with many expressing fears of “ending up with an expensive failure” on their hands should their attempts fail.

  • “Why is it hard to find?”, they say.
  • “When is the government going to legalise it?”.
  • “I thought it was legal in New South Wales.”
  • “How much does cannabis cost?”
  • “How much do you get out of a pound?”
  • “How much do I need to take?”
  • “How long before I’ll see results?”

Now that the govt has made it easier, legally speaking, for terminal patients to use / continue to use cannabis as their chosen treatment, people can find the answers to those questions at a Cannabis Medicine Making Workshop that has been organised for Saturday 10th January in Nimbin Town Hall to facilitate the SAFE extraction of oils and tinctures by carers and patients.

The aim of the workshop is to assist and educate “any person” who has a terminal diagnosis or who finds themselves with a new terminal diagnosis, or their carers – according to the broad legal definition in the NSW scheme outline.

The workshop will cover all aspects of treatments from nutrition and lifestyle changes necessary; to “secrets of extraction” demonstrations with plenty of time for Q&As .

It will also endeavour to shed some light on the new rules operating in NSW, and how and why to make application to be on the TICS (Terminal Illness Cannabis Scheme!) register.

“The Medical Cannabis Users Association (MCUA) endorses the workshop and members will certainly be attending” said the Association’s spokes person.

“The usual cynicism and speculation abounds among the 3700 plus MCUA members, but they all remain staunch in their collective position to stand in defiance of the law that does more harm to society than good.”

She made it clear that “Health and Human Rights remain a core focal points for members”.

The workshop is free but a donation would be appreciated.

Refreshments will be served and handouts given. Response has been overwhelmingly positive so far and we are expecting a good crowd at this stage.

For more info contact Michael Balderstone at the HEMP Embassy in Nimbin on 02 6689 0326

Website to register interest

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