HEMP Embassy Headlines 185


Drug War crimes are coming to your street Drive by law enforcement with fire power and roadside law enforcers with swab testers. Police are forgetting about evidence, impairment or justice and continuing to cause more harm than good old Cannabis. The HEMP Embassy Headlines are a selection of recent articles from news services and media […]

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HEMP Embassy Headlines 184


Business is blooming Cannabis in 420 flavours with a big dollop of hype. The new ‘Green Rush’ is attracting prospectors and entrepreneurs with websites selling special weeds with exotic names. The smell of money and Cannabis does seem to be addictive. The HEMP Embassy Headlines are a selection of recent articles from news services and […]

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HEMP Embassy Headlines 183


Operation Cash Cow. Laws are very dangerous when they are used to ‘protect and serve’ the best interests of company profits. Winning government contracts to supply testing equipment is akin to winning a defence contract to supply weapons. The measurement of impairment should be the primary concern for ‘driving under the influence’ rather than being in possession of criminal saliva. Prohibition is a lawful method of discrimination and raising revenue.

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HEMP Embassy Headlines 181


Driven To Drink. Under prohibition, young people’s introduction to marijuana today is most likely with ‘weed’ grown in chemicals by organised crime, mixed with tobacco and smoked in a state of fear.

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HEMP Embassy Headlines 179


The Australian Government’s track record for dealing with Cannabis is extremely poor. The announcement of a new scheme to regulate medical use is met with great concern over the details and rightly so. On the bright side, things can only improve from here.

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HEMP Embassy Headlines 178


The war on drugs has facilitated serious incursions into peoples lives, including workplace testing and the roadside saliva tests, despite the fact that no study has demonstrated a public health benefit from these measures. The Reefer Madness campaign is now seen as grotesque parody, but its consequences continue to affect the progress of humanity in its quest for a brighter and more optimistic future.

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HEMP Embassy Headlines 177


Prohibition prices are providing the incentive to grow Cannabis. The economy of scale in farming or cultivating large areas, will certainly lower the price, but the most significant reduction will be due to the end of prohibition. Very good medicreational Cannabis will be worth a few cents per gram, as you would expect.

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HEMP Embassy Headlines 176


The hypocrisy and lack of integrity with our Cannabis laws are transparently obvious to everyone, especially young people when they experience Cannabis first hand. Sadly, this brings about a general disrespect for drug laws, social laws and authority in general. This is no doubt reflected in the lack of harmony within our society today.

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