Fourth Nimbin Medican Workshop


Nimbin’s HEMP Embassy is hosting another of its popular Medical Cannabis Workshops in the Town Hall on June 20.

President Michael Balderstone says the fast growing wave of fresh understanding about how good medical Cannabis can be still has the HEMP Embassy busy with enquiries.

The special guest speaker this time is Paul Lawrence who survived an astounding 43 hour surgery in 2010 and endured a mega dose of radiation in 2013 to treat his recurrent Chordoma.

After exhausting all avenues modern medicine has to offer he has transformed his health and stopped all pharmaceutical medications by turning to medical Cannabis, diet and a healthier lifestyle.

His story of a world first operation to remove a tumour the size of a football in his spine was recently told on the ABC’s 730 Report Medical marijuana to be trialled but patients want legal risks removed

“Paul is an exceptional example of how good Cannabis can be as a pain reliever and the word is out now that this herb can relieve your pain and help heal you without turning you into a zombie. Many chronic pain sufferers are changing from opioids to Cannabis and it’s interesting that deaths from opioids have dropped 25% in American States where they allow MC.”

“We are also hearing from a lot of people who are having great success with Cannabis for anxiety, depression, seizures and autism. People are learning about Cannabis from the web that it might help them. It’s tragic they have to go to the black market for help and no one I know wants to wait for the NSW trials which are stuck in the starters blocks by the sound of it anyway,” said Michael who is inviting local politicians to come.

“The June edition of National Geographic has MC as its feature story with a closing comment that ‘Cannabis has an embarrassment of riches’. It shows how mainstream this is becoming in America and how out of touch we are here,” says Michael who urges anyone interested to attend the free talks and says its a great way to meet other healers and lovers of the herb.

Hemp farmer and HEMP Party secretary Andrew Kavasilas is also speaking at the Workshop along with local healers Radic Al and Chris Harris, solicitor Steve Bolt and more to be confirmed.

Donations at the door are appreciated if you can and the Workshop will run from about 11 am til 4.20 pm.
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There is an Eighties Fluoro Disco Party in the Hall in the evening, a fundraiser for the Aquarian Foundation and all HEMP Party members are invited to a meeting and dinner at the Bush Theatre in Nimbin from 6 pm that evening.

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