The Events in detail….
Entry is $2:00 for each event.
Entrants can sign in at Peace Park Olympix Stadium on Saturday the 30th of April.

Nimbin MardiGrass Cannabis Law Reform Rally and Gathering.

HEMP OLYMPIX XVI – Peace Park Saturday April 30th and Sunday May 1st, 2011.

Throw & Yell – where entrants throw a bong full of stinking bong water as far as humanly possible whilst yelling “Free the Weed” or something similar.


Correct Weight – You’ve got vegetable matter, a baggie and no scales. Make up an ounce bag. Closest to the correct weight wins. (1 ounce= 28.3495231 grams)


Growers Ironperson Event – Involves lugging a sack of fertilizer and buckets of water around the simulated planting area obstacle course with a tick and leech infested lantana tunnel.

The men’s event is a 40kg sack while the women contend with an 20kg sack. The top five crawl into the final. A disclaimer must be signed to compete in this endurance event.



JOINT ROLLING – The joint must burn from one end to the other. The categories are as follows:

1. Speed Roll – Roll a standard three paper joint as fast as you can. The three fastest go into the finals. Joints must include a cardboard filter, or will be judged incomplete. If this custom is alien to you, consult a local professional before the event.


2. Artistic Roll – Roll the most beautiful joint within ten minutes with as many papers as you like. The three best examples enter the finals.


3. Roll in the Dark – Athletes are blindfolded.


4. Adverse Conditions Roll –Dependent on weather conditions on the day and the judges’ creativity.


5. Seed Sorting -You have to get the “seeds” out of the “mull” faster than anyone else. How fast are you?




Tug O’ Peace – With a Hemp rope in teams of five (you must have something in common!) You could win a Bling Medal at the HEMP OLYMPIX!


Plantathlon Award in memory of Plantem, ‘Chicken’ George for the best all rounder in the HEMP Olympix. They must be able to kick an Aussie Rules ball.


Nimbin MardiGrass on YouTube – A collection of videos from the annual Cannabis law reform rally and gathering. http://www.youtube.com/NimbinMardiGrass

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