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Why legalisation and not decriminalisation?

Some cautious and well-meaning people advocate the ‘decriminalisation’ of the possession and cultivation of cannabis for personal use. They accept that the use of cannabis is a victimless ‘crime’ and that the greatest danger posed by use of the herb is its current legal status. legal

But having accepted that personal cannabis use is not a rightful consideration for agents of law enforcement; the same well meaning but mistaken amongst us (alongside conservative agents who want only incremental change at best) still advocate for ‘decriminalisation’.


What does decriminalisation achieve?

It continues the wrongheaded prohibition on the personal use and cultivation of cannabis,

urging politicians to place ALL the discretion in the hands of the police [thereby making our police at once judge, jury, and… collector of fines].

It continues to stigmatize and vilify the actions of a huge percentage of our population who are doing nothing [morally] wrong.

It is economic madness to push all cultivation, sales, and distribution of cannabis into a black market, at once;

depriving Australian farmers access to a valuable cash crop.

depriving the Australian government of desperately needed revenue.

making organised crime figures rich.

and depriving Australian cannabis users of choice, protection, and a fair price. nedeye

It continues to deprive medical cannabis users of legal and economically feasible access to their required therapeutic agent.

‘Cautioning’ and fines are not the answer – they are a civil rights nightmare: do you want to give the police even more power to decide if you are guilty, how guilty you are, and how much you should pay? Cannabis is a medical, not a legal matter. The police force should not be involved.

DECRIMINALISATION = just another way of saying ‘NO’





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