I wish to join the Party

After hearing about allot of people doing Cannabis and claiming that it’s great and i should try it, and that it’s not at all addictive.
I decided to research to find out why people would want to use something that would actively damage their brain.

However, after sifting through research anecdotes and test results and lab studies on both sides of the arguement, i have concluded that the propoganda is more or less 100% lies and exagerations, that’s my honest opinion, but i wouldn’t say that to people who are unsure or against Cannabis. sqtinAssassin_Youth

I have tried Cannabis and become baked on 4 separate occasions, it is a harmless drug, and being baked is allot like being drunk, but with some differences, there is no hangover if you stay hydrated, and it relaxes you immensely, and depending on whether you take a big hit from a bucket bong or a joint, the high can vary in intensity, a joint makes you relaxed and mellow but still coordinated, using a bong usually makes you blitzed, and very drowsy and and relaxed and often you might fall asleep and wake up refreshed.
In my opinion as someone who often studies scientific facts, i have decided that i want to be a part of the fight to ban cannabis prohibition and criminalisation.
I believed trying Cannabis itself as a drug is something every politician or “scientist” who wants it outlawed should do, because afterall how can you be so sure if you never experienced it yourself?

Apart from joining the party to vote against prohibition, i also want to spread the word to recruit more people in my area to join the fight.

I have 2 friends who are pot smokers, they are of age and could vote, the problem is, they actively smoke pot, would this be a problem for them to help end prohibition?

before i do anything, i would need to know if there is any law against Activism of Cannabis, so that Police officers cannot arrest me or anyone who helps me out, for spewing lies and defamation to the goverment in public or something.

Obviously some of the more controversial claims like the theory that drug companies are in kahoots with the Goverment and pay the goverment millions to keep Cannabis legal, and to look the other way when it comes to research in favor of Cannabis.

it would be a good idea to stick to the proven facts only.



Excellent. We need reliable voters who are not afraid to confirm their HEMP Party membership to Govt people, the AEC actually. Otherwise i reckon your membership is safe.

Once you start sprouting in public your beliefs it becomes another matter however. From my experience it pays to get on with the cops if you are going to publicly protest. Tell them the law is the crime and thats what you want changed. They already must feel guilty somewhere for arresting good people for nothing but weed. They know who are real crims, like we do!

And the change won’t come from them anyway. Also, the whole drug users network is full of informers I realise, so they can find out all about you whenever they want to really, or bust you whenever they want also. Good thing they are busy as! Maybe even tell them what you are going to do before you do it! There is even rules on gatherings etc. anyway and they are the people to tell you about them.

Keep your home clean.

If we register the HEMP Party you could run as a candidate up there??!!


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