M.O.B. Good Times Release

MardiGrass Friday evening in Peace Park.

This year’s MardiGrass has an expanded program including a busking competition over the Saturday and Sunday and events beginning earlier in Peace Park, the hub of MG. Peace Park will open Friday evening with the Pickers Ball moving outdoors this year for the first time in its history.

The MardiGrass Development Application [D.A.] has already been lodged with Lismore Council which probably surprised them even more than us! Many thanks to Anna for her extraordinary tenacity and diligence that could only have been honed by the years she spent working for the organisation we are striving to satisfy.  Thanks to Michael Smith and Paul le Bars for their help with the maps needed.

zippsMardiGrass Organising Body [MOB] meetings have commenced in The HEMP Bar from 4.20 each Friday from now until Friday April 23rd – 11 weeks and counting down.

MardiGrass has always relied on volunteers as does the HEMP Embassy throughout the year. We are trying to keep the event grassroots and inexpensive enough for everyone to be able to come join in.  
If money is tight for you, volunteering for at least four hours and twenty minutes [4.20] gets you a full weekend pass, normally worth $40. If you do volunteer to be part of MOB throughout the weekend you get the royal treatment, meals, a quite chill area behind the HEMP Embassy and campsite if you need it, etc etc. There is a book in the HEMP Embassy shop where you can write your name and contact details, what skills you have or work you prefer, and the days and times either before, during or even after the big weekend.

We so need our locals. Your knowledge is critical to the non-locals and backpackers who volunteer and want to experience our event and village! Jungle Patrol needs you the most; they do a brilliant job as our community safety team so if you can ‘hack the pace’ and help Heidi, Paul and crew, this is an important spoke in the wheel. Anyone with security experience or traffic tickets is especially sought after!


Truly it is our experience that volunteers have a great time. We work like hippies (extremely varied but creative, flexible and tolerant!) and make it a priority that enjoyment is primary.

We are planning on Peace Park being the real hub of the 18th MardiGrass this year and need acrobats, jugglers, puppeteers, stilt-walkers and other entertainers to get in touch with us early. Same applies for musicians who want a spot on the programme we suggest you contact us soon. Within the DA approval we have asked for designated areas around the village for acoustic and amplified buskers and the plan is for MG armbands to come with a busker’s token this year, called a toke of course!

The most popular will be invited to play on stage Sunday evening in Peace Park. If you can’t sing or dance then you can always practise for the correct weight, joint rolling, growers iron person or bong throwing in the HEMP Olympix! And the Rally Float Awards are on again too. _MG_6177

Anyone wishing to sell anything outside of the permissible traders and businesses are again encouraged to register themselves with Market Cat, leave details in the Embassy or call Cat on 0429 194248.

Council does not issue hawkers licenses and MOB has had to take measures to ensure compliance with the five year DA. All activities within and in close proximity to the village (includes the Showground) needs to be within the application or it will just not happen and Council plans on having a Compliance Officer to control rude boundary breakers!

The centre of the village will be free of parked cars this year for the first time with no parking outside the Town Hall from Perceptios to the Pub and between the Museum and the Emporium on the other side.


Elspeth has graciously accepted coordinating a “Creative MG Sign Workshop” early this year for the 21st of February. Anyone who has a suggestion for areas requiring signage around the village, anyone who has the “Nimbin” creativity, anyone who has a political point to get across in the MG Law Reform Rally on the Sunday, anyone who has artistic supplies or is in fact an artist, please come and look for us at the Nimbin Markets that Sunday.

Advertisers and sponsors we love and you are encouraged to get your, ideally MardiGrass related, artwork onto the website and into the programme sooner rather than later. We can create it for you and we give away those programmes year round in Nimbin. actions

Becoming the biggest event in the Lismore shire has ironically now meant we have to get better organised to comply with the modern day control freaks!  Amazingly the Nimbin community’s depth of talent and experience has surfaced yet again and so far we have kept pace with the regulations upon regulations. It does mean a decidedly committed cannabis law reform gathering and perhaps allows for better cooperation from within the community to ensure the thousands attending are shown a fun and safe time.

Let’s keep Nimbin Funky and Friendly and Freely Hippy


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