MardiGrass 2014 and the Australian Struggle for a Fair Go

Cannabis plant

What were the ANZACs fighting for? Surely not an eternal war on our own children like the American led War on Drugs has become. Isn’t it time for the Cannabis plant to start flourishing economically on behalf of the community, not the criminal? This is already happening in Uruguay in South America, as well as in two US states, Colorado and Washington, which have legalized Cannabis use for not only medical purposes but for those who simply enjoy the herb recreationally. When will Australia be jolted out of the prohibition nightmare?

On Thursday 1 May, we plan to march in Lismore from the Court House to our local Parliamentary representatives offices to ask them why they NEVER stand up for us.

MardiGrass 2014, Sat 3 – Sun 4 May, Nimbin’s annual Protestival is all about “Colorado Dreaming” this year. Our patience is wearing thin. Join us for the first weekend in May to imagine peace and prosperity and a Fair Go, rather than persecution of a much loved plant and its protectors! There is a whiff of change in the air, as Cannabis lovers from all around the world and Australia converge on Nimbin village for a weekend to celebrate all things Cannabis.

We invite all to join us for the Rally for Drug Law Reform which starts at 2.30 pm on Sunday 4 May. The parade will gather in the western carpark from 2pm on Sunday and this year we will go all the way down the main street past the police station and enter Plantem Park through the Cecil Street gateway.

If you’re interested in ideas and practical advice there are the Plant Freedom Forums, talks and workshops in the Town hall and in Indica Arena all through the weekend, featuring special guests, Jason Woodforth, Queensland Member of Parliament, Liberal National Party; Glenn Druery “preference whisperer”, and medical Cannabis local legend, Tony “Mullaway” Bower.

The weekend will be dripping with comedy every day (we’ve never had so many want to come before) and the world famous Hemp Olympix (Joint Rolling, Growers Iron Person Event and Bong Throw and Yell), will be run in Plantem Park on both Saturday and Sunday from midday, beginning with the legendary ‘Tug of Drug War’ between the Polite and the Police.

Other events to look out for this year include Johnny Ganja’s wedding on Friday at 4:20; Hemp Masonry talks and demonstration each day at 1 pm; the Fringe HEMP Olympix which now includes Correct Weight as well as the“Taxi Run” and the Beard Stash (in fact any hair on your head will do).

The fabulous Kombi Konvoy on Saturday at 4:20 will be followed by the Million Marijuana March and mass smoke in. There is the usual array of amazing musicians and entertainers on offer in the Town Hall, on the Hash Bowl stage, Community Market Stage and Mingle Park. Indica Arena hosts a Grower’s Breakfast each morning so everyone gets a flying start to the day, ready for tincture and hash making workshops. Then there’s the Colorado Flash Mob, a Pot Tattoo Show and a book launch and recording of “Great Ganja Stories” around the fire. We invite you to share your ‘first time you got stoned’ stories, or other fond weed memories you have.

This year, we are proud to announce a massive new initiative. Miss MardiGarbo and her special crew promise to recycle even the white bread you fortunately threw out! All compost will be collected for a community garden, and all rubbish sorted and recycled. The recycle station will be based at 7 Sibley street and we plan to make this an ongoing community project after MardiGrass.

Buy a Golden Bud armband! $50 gets you into everything all weekend, plus you get a ticket to be in the raffle to be a judge in the Cannabis Cup! This year there’s a special “Local Bud” pass for $20, which can be bought at the Embassy from Thursday May 1st.

Amongst practical ways you can get involved and help is to join Jungle Patrol who needs locals. Contact Heidi 6689 7589 or phone the Embassy 6689 0326 and register your ‘skills’.

Waller’s will be running extra buses to and from Lismore over the weekend and Council Rangers will be enforcing parking restrictions so, smart people might catch a bus, wave to the drug test Winnebago, and camp at the showground!

Latest program and tickets

HEMP Embassy 02 6689 1842 and 02 6689 0326 or

Nimbin HEMP Embassy

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