The MardiGrass Organising Body (MOB) are on the ball early this year with Lismore Council and Police insisting on bringing us into the ‘new world order’.

After a few meetings in Lismore already we were rescued by our angel Anna who is kindly volunteering to submit a 5 year event development application (DA) to Council. The infrastructure costs involved in putting this event on for the community is ever increasing it seems and this year we need everyone’s assistance. Anna will be approaching all businesses later this month to discuss their needs that weekend and our needs. Any business supporting MardiGrass will be recognised during the event and in the programme which is handed out all year in the village.


The focus over the next 5 years is for ‘free-flowing’ walkways to ease congestion on footpaths. ALL activities within the village are required to be registered with MOB for the purpose of the Council DA. Anyone trading on the street without approval will be subjected to ‘move on’ orders from police. There will be no street (footpath) trading apart from Sibley St, Peace Park and specified venues.
The ‘blister’ area and the Museum laneway is clear of any activity except acoustic music with a drumming circle permitted. More venues advertised closer to the event.

There will be at least a dozen busking venues so we don’t have dramas with the police like last year, with the winners vying for the most coupons received from visitors. There will be a blackboard at each venue to chalk up your time to play. As soon as MOB gets approval of these venues there will be notices in the next Goodtimes editions and around the town informing residents and visitors of the DA changes.


Restricted/no parking will be in place in the village from 12 noon Friday April 30th to 11pm Sunday May 2nd.  Below are areas of concern: cross02

  • Sibley St will be closed to traffic from Cullen St intersection to Thorburn St. Residents in Sibley are asked to limit any vehicle traffic over that weekend from 12 noon Friday.
  • The central section of the village will have no car parking this year. Chill Central safety zone will have no cars from the ‘blister’ outside the Museum to the garden before the pedestrian crossing. On the eastern side there will be no parking permitted from the Hotel all the way to Perceptios. jman
  • There is also no parking on the southern side of Cecil Street from the Showgrounds to the creek to allow pedestrian traffic easy access to a new proposed pathway from 12 Cecil St to the Town Hall parking area. This will have security and lighting and ease the pedestrian traffic along the footpath around the Hospital.
  • No parking at the top of Cecil St at the Cullen St intersection (Sunday only) on the southern side for 50 metres to allow for the rally assembly.
  • Thorburn Street from Silky Oak Drive will have a road closure managed by the Backpackers to ensure clear access to and from the campsites and their parking.
  • The western council carpark is to be free of any camping – all camping is to be directed to the Showgounds  or Backpackers camping sites. Roadside camping is not permitted.

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Vehicle parking paddock areas are to be managed by the Headers Sports Club this year with all profits going to the Club. They need volunteers and paddocks close enough to town. The MOB sincerely request anyone with suitable land near the village for parking to contact us. All parking areas will be slashed with provisions for toilets and waste amenities and MOB promises them to be left cleaner than before the event!

The MOB wishes to extend a welcome and many thanks for those who donate their time and finances during this event, without you it could not happen. All volunteers should register with the Hemp Embassy leaving a contact phone or email in the shop.  MOB meetings have sort of started and you will find key organizers in the Hemp Bar from 4.20pm on Fridays.

Visitors to the website will see event tickets including a campsite are already for sale for the weekend of May 1st and 2nd, 2010 ………. not so far away now.

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