Nimbin Justice Action Group: Larrikin

Dr Buzzkill visits the BBQ: Why consider legal crap on a lovely summer’s day?

The larrikin soul of an Aussie loves a BBQ. It’s our democratic forum. It’s our everyday backyard parliament. With a slightly charred snag in hand – every Aussie feels equal. But how equal are we really?

The Nimbin Justice Action BBQ’s are all about exotic sausages and chicken kebabs sizzling alongside onion rings and chops. But with added bite-sized chunks of legal information – with one simple down-to-earth message for each Saturday morning BBQ.

Answering questions like: How do you act when police are questioning you? What do you say? What do you do when you are arrested? Do you sign a statement of interview? Do you have to? Can the police order you to move on? For how long? What is hindering or resisting police? What is offensive conduct? Can they really strip search me?

For Most Aussies these seem a bit like faraway questions. But in Mingle Park, Nimbin, they are everyday concerns. The main street of Nimbin is more densely studded with CCTV cameras than is Kings Cross. The frequency of police patrols is about the same. All in a spectacular rural location!

Right now there is no more important forum for distributing civil rights information, in Australia, than Mingle Park, Nimbin. Mingle Park is where the policing rubber hits the public road: cannabis and mushroom distribution collides with tourist’s intent on transcendental experience. All inside long hot steamy afternoons and alongside zealous police officers, loony tunes, activists, pirates, and priests of every persuasion.

Mingle park is where the “shit” happens. But you can only do a little at a time. The simple idea of the JAG BBQ’s is to keep it all short and sweet and then hand you a snag sandwich. Yes Dr Buzzkill does have to visit the BBQ – but not for long. And the chicken sausages are really quite nice.


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