Nimbin MardiGrass 2015


Cannabis law reform rally and gathering 2015 MAY 1, 2 & 3.

Our Quest:

To bring about change by the most entertaining means possible.

This is our twenty third consecutive annual Rally for Cannabis Law Reform.

We vowed to Rally every year on the first Sunday in May until we are no longer criminals for using Cannabis, a plant that only a hundred years ago was in the majority of available pain killing medicines.

Then along comes pharmaceuticals and the greed machine takes over. To monopolise the global pain management market they lie enough to terrify people into allowing all the best pain relieving plants in the creation to be made illegal. Insane you think?

The Americans have spent billions trying to wipe out Cannabis! It was the most grown plant on Earth not long ago, used for everything from shelter to clothing, paper and food, as well as medicine.

And it’s enlightening, used by ancient cultures for sacred connections for thousands of years to relax and revere, and to see the truth. No wonder they don’t want us to have it.

Come help us get the police out of healTHCare!.

  • $100 MardiGrass GOLDEN BUD PASS

    • Entry to all events including 3 nights camping
    • $50 without camping
    • One day entry $30



LAST YEAR – More people were fined for parking in the wrong place than busted for smoking weed.

SALIVA TESTING – If you’re concerned and have a friend who uses opioids and doesn’t smoke pot get them to drive!

VOLUNTEERS – All register with the Nimbin HEMP Embassy leaving a contact phone or email in the shop or online.




2015 MardiGrass HEMPOSIUM


Cops and criminals, doctors and delinquents, academics and activists, politicians, pot growers, patients and plain ol’ potheads. We’ve got them all at the 2015 MardiGrass Hemposium!!

  • 2pm Differences in Cannabis Use and Cannabis Policy – Will Tregoning [Unharm]
  • 2.30 Medicinal Cannabis – Changing the law in Australia – Senator Richard Di Natale [Federal Senator, Greens]
  • 3pm High Taxes – The Opportunities of a Regulated Marijuana Market – Fiona Patten [Sex Party MLC, Victoria]
  • 3.30 Drug dogs, civil liberties and law reform – David Shoebridge [Greens MLC, NSW]
  • 4pm Cannabis Law Reform in Canada Three Happy Cats [Vancouver, Canada] & Rebecca Ambrose [Vancouver Seed Bank Canada]
  • 4.30 Colorado’s Green Economy Abe Acton & Matthew Appleseed [High Country Cannabis Tours, USA]

5pm Panel Discussion

Let’s get the police out of health care . . . and the sniffer dogs too

Featuring: Steve Bolt, Dr Alex Wodak [Australian Drug Law Reform Foundation], Dr Richard Di Natale, Fiona Patten, Damon Adams [Law Enforcement Against Prohibition], Will Tregoning, Greg Chipp [Drug Law Reform Australia], David Shoebridge, Torsten Wiedemann [Shaman Australis Botanicals]

7pm Nimbin Hall

Great Green Cabaret

With MC David Hallett. Weekend Pass, otherwise $15 (Concession $10) Performing: Kerrianne Cox, Neil Pike, Jody Yates, Willy McElroy, Baby Durgas, acrobatics from Darcy Grant & Emma McGovern and Hartje Hout, dancers the Barkers Vale Steppers and Serena Joy, poets Lenno and David Hallett and comedy from the Laugh Mob.



  • 11am My Journey with Cannabis – Damon Adams [Law Enforcement Against Prohibition]
  • 11.30am An overview of chemical and lab safety, or “how not to blow yourself up” – Kilgore Trout
  • 12pm Extraction Methods – Three Happy Cats [Vancouver, Canada]
  • 1pm Medicine Making Techniques – Abe Acton [High Country Cannabis Tours, Colorado]
  • 2pm Medical Cannabis Research in Australia – Dr David Caldicott [ACT Investigation of Novel Substances Group]

3pm Significant advances in Cannabis medicine & science, & potential impacts – Dr David Bearman [American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine]

5pm HEMP Olympix Joint Rolling First Heats

7pm Stand Up Comedy Show Including: Steady Eddy, Alan Glover, S Sorrensen, Greg Sullivan.

9.30 PICKERS BALL Featuring: Progressive Tan – Disco Sista – Jack & the Giant Killers.



11am Legal Advice with Steve Bolt

Midday Panel Discussion

Big pharma or family farms?What is the future of medical Cannabis in Australia?

Featuring: Niall Fahey [Plant Freedom Alliance/Happy Herb Company], Dr Alex Wodak [Australian Drug Law Reform Foundation], Dr Richard Di Natale [Federal Senator, Greens], Damon Adams [Law Enforcement Against Prohibition], Dr Andrew Katelaris, Andrew Kavasilas [HEMP Party of Australia], Dr David Bearman [American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine], Torsten Wiedemann [Shaman Australis Botanicals]

1pm Panel Discussion

Medical Cannabis trials: re-inventing the wheel?

Featuring: Steve McDonald [Psychedelic Research in Science & Medicine], Dr Alex Wodak, Damon Adams], Dr Andrew Katelaris, Andrew Kavasilas, Mark Rayner, Kilgore Trout, Dr David Bearman.

5pm HEMP Olympix Joint Rolling Finals.


  • 6pm Choon Goonz
  • 7pm Arundel
  • 8pm Disco Puppets
  • 9pm D’Luna


Get out your fabrics, banners,paint brushes and sewing machines to get ready for the annual MardiGrass parade float awards.  


Have a go at creating a float, costume, banner, papier mache or sculpture about pot prohibition.

A first prize of $1000 cash and two Happy High Herbs gift vouchers of $250 and $100 (second and third prizes) are up for grabs.


  • Height – Floats mustnot exceed 3.2 metres from “the road”.
  • Width – Must not exceed 2.4 metres wide.
  • Length – Should not exceed 4.2 metres long, however this is a bit flexible.
  • Floats must be peopled or green powered.

You will be given a competitor number at the beginning of the Parade.

Floats may feature a single person or group, or may be a centre piece of a larger on foot display.

These floats are our opportunity to present a powerful message to the outside world of both celebration and/or protest.

Your float can express whatever you feel or want to share.

We need floats and displays that reflect our area, our people, our pride and desires for the future, our fun and festivity.

Law Reform is a major focus of this gathering and we encourage all to have their say.


Judges will remain unknown until the day of the event. They will be women and men, and mostly not part of the Happy Herb Company.

A 1-10 point score method will be adopted.
1. Judged pre-parade whilst assembling: Use of recycled materials, Originality, Punctuality. |
2. Judging During Parade: Function (Locomotion) Costumes, Message power, Overall effect, Crowd response.

PRIZES will be presented to nominated heads of winning floats in Plantem Park after the Rally.

HEMP Embassy
02 66891842

Happy High Herbs Nimbin



PLANTEM PARK – Sativa Stadium

Saturday and Sunday from 11.30am with hosts: Glover and Sorrensen

$2 Athlete Entry into all HEMP Olympix Events plus a disclaimer for the Ironperson’s Event and the stretcher race.


Growers Ironperson Event

Involves lugging a sack of fertiliser and buckets of water around the simulated planting area obstacle course with a tick and leech infested lantana tunnel. The men’s event is a 40 KG sack while the women contend with an 18 KG sack. The top five crawl into the final.

Bong Throw & Yell

Where entrants throw a bong full of stinking bong water as far as humanly possible whilst yelling ‘Free the Weed’ or something similar.

NIMBIN HALL HEMP Olympix – Joint Rolling
  • Saturday 5:00pm Heats
  • Sunday 5:00pm Finals

(Must burn from one end to the other)

The four categories:
  1. Speed Roll – Roll a standard three-paper joint as fast as you can. The three fastest go into the finals. Joints must include a cardboard filter, or will be judged incomplete.
  2. Artistic Roll – Roll the most beautiful joint within ten minutes with as many papers as you like.The three best examples enter the finals.
  3. Roll in the Dark – Athletes are blindfolded.
  4. Adverse Conditions Roll – Dependent on weather conditions on the day and the judges’ creativity.



Saturday 2.30pm PLANTEM PARK

With assistance from Nick the Hippy, Blossom, Garry the Plumber, Baldenstoned, Heathen and consultant Bob the Builder.

Begins with the Beard and Dread Stash. followed by the Taxi Run, Correct Weight and Seed Sorting if we have the right weed.

And the sick and dying Smoulder memorial stretcher race where contestants will attempt to score a Licence To Care.

Correct Weight

Contestants attempt to fill a bag with as close to an ounce as possible. You’ve got vegetable matter, a baggie and no scales. Closest to the correct weight (28.349 grams!) wins.

Beard Stash

How much can you hide in your hair (other head hair is ok) – who can hide the most the best.

Taxi Run

Pigloose and the LaneBoys. Who will win? Big rewards,big risks! Betting online.




Prohibition is an incitement, not a control!

2:00pm Gather and get ready for the MardiGrass Parade.

If you want to be in it join us inside the exit of the western car park, across the road from the Community Market. The march is the main event, so please come.


From the Oasis to Hashbowl Stage for very short speeches from Andrew Katelaris, AjiaMae Moon, David Bearman, Abe Acton  ,David Shoebridge, Fiona Patten, Damon Adams……

Parade Float prizes will be awarded before the busker who collects the most Tokes starts the final event:





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