Profit and Loss

In a world where every counterculture is absorbed and homogenized, where all resistance is monetized, and where the channels of mass communication are controlled by an oligarchy, the sublimation of corporate distribution mechanisms to achieve widespread dissemination of subversive messages is not a weakening of purpose or an erosion of purity, it is the fire in their veins and the poison in their blood.

If our resistance makes them money they will sell it, they will preach their own undoing, such is the extent and vigour of the all consuming addiction to infinite economic expansion.
Corporations are creatures of their own now, the CEO does not hold the reins, he is just another cog, producing quarterly returns and appeasing the demand for growth.
The corporatocracy is an ensemble of small gods, driven on by no overarching plan for domination, only by the hunger. Hunger for wealth, ever more wealth, always more wealth. cbr2-297x300

They swell with profit and greed, raping and pillaging to the extent they are allowed, swelling unto the very limits of the bars we place on them, eroding their confines where ever possible, evading all constraints when allowed.
These gargantuan beasts know no restraint, like a greedy crack whore selling everything, all the heirlooms for the joyous rapture of the moment, for the glorious hit of that ultimate drug, profit.

Our only solution is to turn that lust and greed against itself, to harness the unyielding advance and predictable motivation, to send shockwaves down those tentacles that reach into every home, planted deep into every mind.

We are all inside these beasts whether we accept it or not, there is no alternative, they are selling all the weapons.

So here inside these pulsing constructs, within these hulking automatons, we send messages down the nervous system, we spew vitriol through the veins, and we can do so because these beasts love the sweet caress of the profit we wrap our poisons in.

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