The ABC’s NSW Vote Compass puts medical cannabis firmly on the peoples’ election agenda; but what of our politicians?

NSW Greens MP, Dr John Kaye agrees and has accepted an invitation to attend the Peoples’ Forum on Cannabis next Saturday at Rooty Hill RSL to talk about their stance on cannabis law reform.

Organisers of the event have invited all parties but have heard no word from the big two since the initial feeding frenzy late last year when Mr Baird threw money at trials and Mr Foley fired back that the statute should be struck from the law books.

“I believe all our candidates grossly underestimate the number of votes tied up in this issue,” said Ms Gail Hester founder of the patient collective, MCUA Australia. “We are looking for compassion and common sense in our representatives,” she said.

“Not bureaucratic lip service and time wasting in the rabbit hole for another decade.”

The forum is not all about politics though. It is in answer to the many requests made to the Hemp Embassy every week from people in the greater Sydney region who are seeking information and hope but are unable to travel to Nimbin.

People are frightened of the health system. They are doing their homework and they want control over health decisions. Cannabis gives them hope when petrochemicals have failed them. This is the message being heard at the Embassy every day according to the organisers of the forum.

Doctors and Oncologists are particularly encouraged to attend as terminally ill patients in NSW on the TICS scheme are feeling completely let down by the apathy shown from the medical profession, who keep turning their back on this possible botanical cancer treatment that is patented in the US.

Attendees will be treated to Australian experts talking about all issues from varieties to dosing.

They will be hearing from families treating themselves or family members with cannabis therapy. They will be sharing the stage with long time cannabis practitioner Dr Andrew Katelaris and Mullaway’s medicine man, Tony Bower; and there will be plenty of time for questions and answers before the end of the day.

Special international guests Chris Conrad and Mikki Norris, well known American cannabis activists who have been at the forefront of the movement for decades, will present a session showing the real impacts that legalising cannabis has had in the US.

Organisers urge everyone from Sydney and surrounds with an interest to make the effort to attend as it may be a long time before you we see another collection of experts like this again in one place. You wont be disappointed.


Saturday, March 21 from 11 am at the Rooty Hill RSL


MCUA Medical Cannabis Users Association



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