Asymmetrical Warfare

The application of advanced computer technology and robotics have opened a chilling new phase in asymmetrical warfare, with predator drones controlled from half a world away unleashing deadly fire on unsuspecting targets, combatant or civilian, man, woman or child alike.

Along with advances in combat technology there has been advances in mass psychology and news management. News is now sanitized to suit a particular viewpoint and any opposing voice is starved of the oxygen that access to the mainstream media brings. So-called false flag operations have been developed to a fine art. The war in Vietnam, which cost over two million Vietnamese lives and left a legacy of chemical contamination and genetic damage, was started on a fabrication. In the Gulf of Tonkin incident, the US claimed Vietnamese torpedo boats attacked their vessels in international waters. It is now officially admitted that no such attack occurred yet at the time the media beat the war drums and the people followed.

The acme of this black art was seen in New York, on September 11, 2001.

For the first time in history a steel framed skyscraper collapsed due to fire, caused by the impact of a jet liner, or so it was reported. However, the world trade centre towers did not fall over, but dropped at free fall speed and were pulverized into dust, landing neatly in their own footprint one hundred and ten floors below.

Two planes hit the two towers that morning, but at 5 pm a third structure, Building 7, also collapsed in a similar fashion, its forty seven floors again falling at free fall speed and landing neatly in its own footprint. Building 7 was not hit by a plane but was demolished in a like manner to the towers. Building 7 was the site of a major FBI investigation into the business affairs of Enron, Halliburton and other companies but all evidence was completely destroyed.

An inspection of the video footage reveals enough evidence to convince a reasonable observer that the three buildings have all the features of controlled demolition. Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth, a public interest research group comprised of industry professionals, used electron microscopy and chemical analysis to investigate the collapse. Chemical residue of the military incendiary thermate has been detected in large quantities in the dust of the towers.

Aviation gasoline does not burn hot enough to melt steel yet pools of molten metal were found for several weeks under the debris. As soon as it was cool enough to handle, this steel was loaded onto security equipped trucks and shipped to Taiwan to be melted down, destroying valuable evidence that could easily have establish the truth of the matter. It is said that unless we learn the lessons of history we will be condemned to repeat them.

So what are the lessons of history? After the first world war political power in the German parliament, the Reichstagg, was equally divided between the national socialists, the communists and independents, but to pass significant legislation required a two thirds majority. In 1933 a mysterious fire destroyed the Reichstagg. Despite having no evidence to substantiate their accusations, the national socialists accused the communists and used the hysteria surrounding the event to take their seats, giving themselves the political power to enact their legislation, especially the homeland security act, which gave them sweeping power to control information and detain citizens.

From there it was a short march to a completely totalitarian state. This false flag operation led to world war two with the violent deaths of tens of millions of people and global destruction on an epic scale. The similarities between the modus operandi of the Reichstagg fire and the world trade centre is chilling. But how unexpected is any of this? In 1995 a group calling itself PNAC (program for a new American century) including such notable members as Cheney, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz made the statement that progress would be slow “ barring a catalyzing event, like a new Pearl Harbour”. With this new “Pearl Harbour” they have succeeded in replacing the effete communist bogey man which fueled the cold war, with the blood crazed Islamist who is being used to fuel the ongoing war on terror.

The financial stresses imposed by the current economic situation make it a full time occupation for most people just to feed, clothe, educate and shelter their families. Having the time and energy to engage constructively in the political process is a luxury few can afford and with the media focusing on one irrelevant issue after another only, it has become the twenty-first century version of bread and circuses.

However, all empires eventually fall. The Roman empire fell because it overextended itself militarily and financially, came to rely on mercenaries and client states and was afflicted by depravity, with a failure of decent human behavior. But there is a profound difference between the fall of empires then and now. As Albert Einstein famously said “ the splitting of the atom has changed everything, except man’s way of thinking, therefore we plunge towards unparalleled catastrophe”.

The Challenge

The challenge facing the world today is no less than a choice between the light and darkness. A cabal of judeo-christian psychopaths armed with thermonuclear weapons appear intent on creating a self-fulfilling prophecy based around the biblical Armageddon story, with a conflagration beginning in the Middle East. The chilling reality is that key players in creating the current situation appear to hold an intractable belief that they will, as described in their biblical text, be wafted bodily to heaven, leaving the unworthy to struggle alone with the mess. The corruption of the message of the judeo-christian bible has had a profoundly negative effect on the relationship between humanity and the natural world. Conferring exclusive possession of a soul to humans has placed humanity outside of the biological web of life we are so clearly a part of.

The interpretation that all plants and animals have been created for the use of humans has reinforced the message of separateness and paved the way for the ruthless exploitation of the natural world, that is now a looming threat for the entire biosphere. The industrial use of Hemp and other fibre plants on a massive scale can cure many of the global environmental ills, while generating significant economic benefits. The use of Hemp foods can heal and re-vitalize the population. But can the juggernaut of avaricious capitalism, with its indoctrination to mindless consumerism, be overcome in time to save what precious remnants we have of the natural world, before they are obliterated as completely as the trees on Easter Island? What is required is a complete revolution.

No adjustments, amendments or other tinkering to the current economic system can begin to approach a solution. A revolution in humanity’s relationship to the natural world needs to be the starting point for this process. Then we may have a chance to pass that critical piece of legislation that prohibits products that are not completely safe and non-toxic, rather than the current situation of prohibiting the solution.

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