The Nimbin HEMP (Help End Marijuana Prohibition) Embassy has written to PM Rudd asking him to please talk to President Obama about medical cannabis during his visit to Australia this month.

“We will be travelling to Canberra with our Big Joint and Polite Force, hoping to get Medical Cannabis on the political agenda and we are asking cannabis consumers and friends to write to the PM and urge him to talk to the President about what is happening with medical cannabis in America.” said Hemp President Michael Balderstone.

“We know Kevin Rudd is looking for evidence based policies and surely it’s time to introduce cannabis regulations, quality controls and a tax system for Australia’s more than 2 million cannabis users. It’s a realistic dream and we are closer than ever to a common-sense end to cannabis prohibition.” The HEMP Embassy has also written to President Obama asking him to enlighten our PM on the issue.

“While we are in Canberra we will be calling in to the A.E.C to see how our HEMP Party is going with its new registration application. We are very keen to participate in the Federal election taking place later this year.”

The HEMP Embassy has been using President Obama on its MardiGrass posters for the last 2 years and is holding an Obama look-a-like contest at this years Cannabis Law Reform Rally and Gathering May 1 and 2.

Further enquiries. M Balderstone or Max Stone phone 02-66891842


Big Joint at the Gay Parade in Sydney on Feb 27- 2010



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