Embassy Headlines, Issue 29

The USA dominates again this week in the ‘war on drugs’. Federal denial of State medical marijuana laws highlight the need to reschedule the plant rather than continue the endless battle in court.

The Embassy Headlines are a selection of recent articles from news services and media sources primarily concerning Cannabis issues, the consequences of prohibition and the challenges for law reform.

Here are the selected headlines for this week.

HEMP Headlines 29

USA: Marijuana dispensary operator sentenced to 10 years

Los Angeles – A former medical marijuana dispensary owner on Monday was sentenced to 10 years in prison for operating three facilities in the Inland Empire. Aaron Sandusky, one of only a handful of defendants to fight U.S. prosecutors, was convicted in October on federal charges of distributing marijuana. His case is one of four in the United States where federal prosecutors filed charges against individuals associated with medical marijuana dispensaries in states where medical marijuana is legal. These cases have garnered national attention, in part, because marijuana advocates have criticized the federal government for disregarding state laws allowing the possession and sale of marijuana for medicinal use. 

USA: In Drug Fight on Texas Border, Some Officers Play Both Sides

Some of the very officers sworn to combat the drug trade have been illicitly earning cash by helping vehicles transporting marijuana and cocaine avoid detection from law enforcement agents, and serving as escorts and scouts during the shipments. 

USA: Do alcohol and marijuana mix?

If people in Colorado can more easily toke, does that mean they will drink less?

‘It opens your heart’: Canada approves use of ecstasy in study into post-traumatic stress disorder

Exactly a century after ecstasy was first patented, Health Canada has approved the drug’s import for the first Canadian study using the illegal substance in trauma survivors’ therapy.

Israel: Studying Marijuana and Its Loftier Purpose

Among the rows of plants growing at a government-approved medical marijuana farm in the Galilee hills in northern Israel, one strain is said to have the strongest psychoactive effect of any cannabis in the world. Another, rich in anti-inflammatory properties, will not get you high at all. Marijuana is illegal in Israel, but farms like this one, at a secret location near the city of Safed, are at the cutting edge of the debate on the legality, benefits and risks of medicinal cannabis. Its staff members wear white lab coats, its growing facilities are fitted with state-of-the-art equipment for controlling light and humidity, and its grounds are protected by security cameras and guards. 

UK: Call for end to anti-drug aid for regimes with death penalty

Human rights groups have urged the government to heed the recommendations of an influential parliamentary committee that has told the government to stop funnelling money into anti drug-trafficking programmes in countries that administer the death penalty.

Mexico Drug-Related Deaths Rose to 12,394 in 2012

Killings related to drug violence in Mexico climbed 0.9 percent in 2012 from the year before, newspaper Milenio reported. Last year’s death toll of 12,394 pushed the number of killings in the past six years to more than 54,000, according to the Mexico City-based daily. The deadliest year was 2010 with 12,658 deaths.

Breaking The Taboo

2013: Make it your New Year’s resolution to educate the world about the issues surrounding drugs http://bit.ly/VLXSsh  & share this video.

Guns and Drugs: Different Scourges, Same Solution?

The similarities between the dangerous supply and demand of drugs and guns suggest that the middle way of regulation is the solution.

Publius’ Top Ten 2012 Cannabinoid Stories

Publius – the penname used by the authors of The Cannabis Papers: A Citizen’s Guide to Cannabinoids (2011) – has been watching news about cannabinoids throughout 2012; here’s their list of the most important cannabinoid news from the year.


How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your System? Infographic


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