Embassy Headlines, Issue 35

Bud and Breakfast in Colorado? Tourists can expect to experience the full Rocky Mountain high, if the prospect of bringing more cash into the state can appeal to lawmakers. Many questions remain unanswered. Will there be any Federal Tax on profits? What about Mexican weed, can you bring it with you? Can I take some back home on the plane?  

The Embassy Headlines are a selection of recent articles from news services and media sources primarily concerning Cannabis issues, the consequences of prohibition and the challenges for law reform.

Here are the selected headlines for this week.

Embassy Headlines 35

ACT: Kava to be allowed at all multicultural festivals

Kava users have welcomed the permanent lifting of a ban on the drink at the National Multicultural Festival, but have called for further exemptions for other cultural events.

 JJJ Hack: Monday 18th February

You’ve got a couple of plants out the back. You tend to them for your own supply, the secret stash you use to get high. So when are you crossing the legal line from personal use to supplier? Hack looks at new research provided exclusively to the program which interviewed over 450 cannabis growers in Australia. They found that almost half were growing enough plants to be considered suppliers but two thirds of them maintained it was just for personal use. Hard to believe? Should the laws change? Plus all your calls and texts. 

Petition: Repeal the Crimes Legislation Amendment (Serious Drugs, Identity Crime and Other Measures) Bill 2012 in Australia

This legislation gives the Australian Government unprecedented powers to ban plants and substances without parliamentary approval or public consultation. Also it allows the Australian Government unprecedented powers to spy on and invade the personal privacy of its citizens. This we cannot allow, as it contradicts our freedoms under common law and will negatively effect the lives of millions in this country. 

NZ: Soft drink addiction leads to woman’s death

A New Zealand coroner has ruled that a 30-year-old woman died after drinking too much Coca-Cola. Natasha Harris, 30, died from a heart attack three years ago. Her family says in the months before her death, the mother of eight had consumed huge quantities of the soft drink – up to 10 litres a day.

USA: Marijuana legalization raises safety questions

Regulators are grappling with how to ensure that the nation’s first legal marijuana industry will grow weed that delivers only the effects that pot smokers want. Whether it is establishing rules to govern the growing of marijuana, including the use of pesticides and fungicides, or accurate product labeling, officials know they will be doing it alone. 

Pot Tourism In Colorado OK’d By Marijuana Task Force

Marijuana tourism is on the way to Colorado, under a recommendation made Tuesday by a state task force to regulate the drug made legal by voters last year. But Colorado should erect signs in airports and borders telling visitors they can’t take pot home, the task force recommended.

Yes We Cannabis

In what might be the best cannabis cover since Bob Marley & The Wailers’ “Catch A Fire,” the American Botanical Council features the plant on the front of Issue #97 of its journal HerbalGram for the first time in the publication’s 30-year history. The cover treatment, a glorious close-up image of Cannabis sativa by Johnny Wiggs, reflects an important milestone for ABC and is symbolic of the progress being made by the global medicinal cannabis community.

UK poll shows 53% of public want cannabis legalised or decriminalised
A new poll by Ipsos MORI, commissioned by Transform Drug Policy Foundation, shows that over half of the public (53%) support cannabis legalisation (legal regulation of production and supply) or decriminalisation of possession of cannabis. Only 1 in 7 support heavier penalties and more being spent on enforcement for cannabis offences. In addition, the survey shows that around two thirds (67%) support a comprehensive independent review of all the possible policy options (from legal market regulation to tougher enforcement) for controlling drugs.

Czech President Signs Medical Marijuana Bill

President Vaclav Klaus signed into law Friday a bill that legalizes medical marijuana in the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic has some of the most liberal drug laws in the world, and is one of the most marijuana-friendly countries in Europe. Possession of up to 15 grams of marijuana, 1.5 grams of heroin, 1 gram of cocaine and 4 tablets of ecstasy and cultivation of up to 5 plants are a misdemeanor offense since January 2010.

Denmark: Christiania task force netting arrests but locals call it harassment

Copenhagen Police said that the number of people being charged with possession of cannabis is up 23 percent since the creation of Task Force Pusher Street last September. Totals at the end of last year showed that since it started operation on September 1, the task forced charged 504 individuals with possession of cannabis and 26 people with dealing the drug. Nearly 2,000 people were stopped during that period. The typical person arrested by police is a Danish man between 18 and 30 years old. Most were not city residents and only 14 of those busted were women. Most were found holding less than ten grammes of cannabis, which carries with it a 2,000 kroner fine for a first offence. Possession of any amount of cannabis is illegal in Denmark.

The Incredible, Delectable, Miracle of 19th Century Medicine: Hasheesh Candy!

An extraordinary advertisement for “Hasheesh Candy” from the mid-1800s claims endorsements from famous US Civil War generals Ulysses S. Grant and General Robert E. Lee.

Caffeine Jitters

Sales boost in energy drinks and deaths linked to the products make scientists and regulators worry about safe levels of the stimulant.

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