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Social Dissonance

The hypocrisy and lack of integrity with our Cannabis laws are transparently obvious to everyone, especially young people when they experience Cannabis first hand. Sadly, this brings about a general disrespect for drug laws, social laws and authority in general. This is no doubt reflected in the lack of harmony within our society today.

The HEMP Embassy Headlines are a selection of recent articles from news services and media sources primarily concerning Cannabis issues, the consequences of prohibition and the challenges for law reform. Here are the selected headlines for this week.

WA parents treating children with medicinal marijuana, Epilepsy Association of WA says [ABC]

Up to 100 West Australian parents are illegally using cannabis to treat children living with epilepsy, the chief executive of an epilepsy organisation says.
Epilepsy Association of WA (EAWA) chief executive Suresh Rajan said medicinal marijuana was being used extensively on WA children.
“I would have anything up to 80 to 100 mums that I know of in Western Australia who use it [on their children]. Illegally, I will emphasise, because it is not legal yet in Western Australia,” he said.

Sunshine Coast MP backs push for probe into medical cannabis use [sunshinecoastdaily]

THE time is ripe for a thorough investigation into the use of cannabis oil in the treatment of medical conditions, says Member for Buderim Steve Dickson. An online petition sponsored by the LNP representative has called for an amnesty on prosecution for cannabis therapy patients, their carers and cannabis therapists.

Cannabis for medical purposes Queensland [Lanai Carter]

TO: The Honourable the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland. 1. Amending Health Regulation 270A to read “The Chief Executive Officer may grant approval to a person to cultivate, produce, possess, supply, recommend or prescribe, dispense and obtain botanical cannabis for medical, scientific and human therapeutic use”. (Queensland residents, closes 30 NOV 2015)

Texas vets call for legal medical marijuana, end to painkiller dependence [Al Jazeera]

“We feel trapped by pharmaceutical drugs, and we want access to medical marijuana instead of addictive painkillers and psychotropic medication,” said TRMP spokesman Dave Bass, 59, a retired Army major and native Texan who served in Iraq in 2004 and 2005.

Veterans drop hundreds of empty pill bottles in front of the White House [WPost]

They marched from McPherson Square to the Department of Veterans Affairs headquarters, then to the White House, some smoking joints along the way, which is illegal in D.C. VA health-care providers can’t talk to their patients about medical marijuana options, even in states where there are legal medical marijuana programs. A bill in Congress, the Veterans Equal Access Amendment, would allow doctors to provide recommendations about participating in such state programs.

First wave of prison releases from war on drugs begins [Miami Herald]

This week, the 43-year-old Flores — along with roughly 6,000 other federal prisoners nationwide convicted of drug-trafficking offenses — was freed after a U.S. district judge in Miami cut his original sentence to 6  1/2 years under a major new early-release policy meant to reduce harsh sentences, prison overcrowding and rising incarceration costs — all the products of the nation’s “war on drugs.”

How Doctors Helped Drive the Addiction Crisis [NYTimes]

WHAT is really needed is a sea change within the medical profession itself. We should be educating and training our medical students and residents about the risks and limited benefits of opioids in treating pain. All medical professional organizations should back mandated education about safe opioid treatment as a prerequisite for licensure and prescribing. At present, the American Academy of Family Physicians opposes such a measure because it could limit patient access to pain treatment with opioids, which I think is misguided. Don’t we want family doctors, who are significant prescribers of opioids, to learn about their limitations and dangers? It is physicians who, in large part, unleashed the current opioid epidemic with their promiscuous use of these drugs; we have a large responsibility to end it.

Mexico senator proposes legalizing medical marijuana [AFP]

While President Enrique Pena Nieto opposes legalization, he said on Monday that his government will convene medical experts and sociologists to debate the issue and decide whether to craft legislation to regulate marijuana use. Senator Cristina Diaz, of Pena Nieto’s centrist Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), took the first step in Congress, proposing legislation that would allow imports of cannabis-based medicine and its consumption. “I am not talking about legalizing marijuana. I am talking about the possibility that Congress will authorize imports of this type of medicine,” Diaz told the Senate.

Mexico president open to debate about legalising marijuana after court ruling [Guardian]

What happens next in Mexico will be keenly watched by proponents and critics of drugs reform elsewhere in the Americas, as governments from Uruguay to Canada have grown weary of the four-decade-long US-led “war on drugs.”

Genetic moderation of the effects of Cannabis [Whaxy]

A new study published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, conducted by researchers in the United Kingdom, points to an interesting correlation between a specific genetic variation and individual differences in cognitive and psychotic function upon ingestion of THC.

Hillary Clinton Proposes Reclassifying Marijuana As A Less Dangerous Drug [Huff]

Under Clinton’s proposal, marijuana would become a Schedule II substance, which are considered to have “less abuse potential.” Cocaine, OxyContin, Adderall and meth are Schedule II drugs. The move, Clinton said Saturday, would allow federal researchers to explore how to best use marijuana as medicine.

New Jersey governor signs bill allowing medical marijuana on school grounds for disabled students [Jurist]

Students in need of medical marijuana in nonsmokable form on school grounds must be authorized to engage in the medical use of marijuana pursuant to the Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act and register with the district to ensure safety and correct administration procedures.

Cannabis for Seniors [Yahoo]

Sue Taylor wants to convert a dingy, old, 3,900-square-foot space on Sacramento Street to a gleaming shop that not only stocks marijuana salves, tinctures and low-salt and low-sugar edibles for grannies with diabetes or high blood pressure, but also serve as a holistic health center
She’s never tried a blunt in her life, the self-styled “cannabis evangelist” is one of six finalists vying for a chance to open the town’s fourth legal medical-marijuana dispensary — and the first in the state (and the country) catering specifically to senior citizens.

Medical Marijuana For Morning Sickness? Some Doctors Think It’ll Help Pregnant Women Relieve Severe Nausea [Medical Daily]

Some pregnant women suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, a disease marked by unrelenting vomiting, find relief with medical marijuana, but experts are divided on recommending it as an official treatment. Medical marijuana may be an untapped source of relief for pregnant women suffering from severe morning sickness. On its own, marijuana uses remains heavily debated: The Daily Beast cited that 23 states so far have “recognized marijuana for its medical benefit” and allow it to be legally prescribed, while other states are only recently considering the idea of legalization. But even in states where it’s legal, The Daily Beast has found that many physicians still refuse to sign off on medical licenses for pregnant women.

Canada’s cheapest pot producer sees sunshine as the secret to dominating legalization era [financialpost]

More greenhouse production seems certain in the future, thanks in part to the new prime minister, Justin Trudeau. If he keeps his pledge to legalize recreational marijuana, he’s likely to turn a tiny commercial pot market into a much larger one. And once that happens, success in this business will be all about expanding scale and lowering costs. The easiest way to achieve both is by using greenhouses, rather than grow-op warehouses strung end to end with energy-sucking electric lamps. Leamington enjoys bright, sunny weather — it’s known not just as the Tomato Capital of Canada, but because it’s in the southernmost part of the country’s mainland, also as the Sun Parlour of Canada. And it has more acres of greenhouse space than anywhere else in Canada or the United States. That puts the town of 28,000 in the sweet spot to become a key North American weed hub. “Over the long term, the greenhouse is the way to go,” said Aaron Salz, an analyst at Dundee Capital Markets. “It’s so much easier to scale a greenhouse than an indoor facility.

Legal opium poppies blooming across Victoria [The Age]

Narcotic raw material is used in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products like morphine, oxycodone​, codeine and naloxone​.
Beyond the pharmaceutical side of the industry, poppy seeds from the plants end up in the culinary market, where they are used in foods such as breads and muffins. TPI’s managing director/CEO Jarrod Ritchie said about 60 Victorian farmers were contracted to grow legal opium poppies for TPI this year.

Hemp seeds are the most amazing in the world. Here’s why [ergogenicsnutrition]

Next to spirulina, hemp seeds have the most easily digested and complete essential amino acids for proteins, essential fatty acids in the most perfect ratio for human nutritional needs. The proteins are easiest to digest compared to meat protein. Unlike animal protein that has to be cooked, hemp seeds protein is completely pure and raw and can be eaten as it is by adding them into any food and beverage.

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