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Hippie Wisdom [PeaceLoveCannabis]

Prohibition prices are providing the incentive to grow Cannabis. The economy of scale in farming or cultivating large areas, will certainly lower the price, but the most significant reduction will be due to the end of prohibition. Very good ‘medicreational’ Cannabis will be worth a few cents per gram, as you would expect. Cannabis is all about freedom, not money. The greedy will need to get in early and ignore the law.

The HEMP Embassy Headlines are a selection of recent articles from news services and media sources primarily concerning Cannabis issues, the consequences of prohibition and the challenges for law reform. Here are the selected headlines for this week.

The Pot Doctor — The Man Making A Case For Medicinal Marijuana In Australia [HuffAus]

Andrew Katelaris is a former doctor turned medicinal Cannabis campaigner, who grows the drug to supply to adults, and even more controversially, to children and has been doing so for years. Katelaris practiced medicine for 23 years before being deregistered in 2005 due his involvement with medicinal marijuana. He has been arrested and charged numerous times. YouTube link.

How cannabis could revamp the Christmas Island economy [ABC]

The planned new direction for the island’s economy has been driven by research from Murdoch University that has debunked the myth that the area is unsuitable for agriculture. The studies show the island is ideal for growing medicinal cannabis. The work of Murdoch’s team is so promising, they stand poised to sign a deal to become the research arm of AusCann, a Perth-based medicinal cannabis company chaired by former Liberal MP Mal Washer. They plan to plant the first trials of industrial-grade hemp in January, subject to WA Government approval. (Editor: Yes, a confused journalist or investment hype)

Former FNQ flower farmer sentenced for “healthy” and “neat” cannabis crop [cairnspost]

Hamer made full admissions to growing the plants at his Watsonville property, west of Atherton, and pleaded guilty to charges of producing and possessing illegal drugs. Photographs of the young crop taken by police during a raid of the farm were yesterday presented to the court during his sentencing. Defence barrister Derek Kordick told Judge Sarah Bradley the exhibits demonstrated Hamer’s proficiency as a horticulturist.

Aboriginal Journalist Who Reports On Racial Profiling Racially Profiled On The Way To Work [New Matilda]

When 40-year old Teece-Johnson asked why, he was told the officers were looking for someone ‘who fits your description’ and that he would have to accompany them to a small room within the station to be searched for drugs. Despite having just walked passed a drug sniffer dog without a problem, Teece-Johnson was taken into a small room and asked to empty his pockets and then his bag.

Medican Amnesty [Petition]

Queensland residents please sign before the close on 30 November or else there will be trouble. (Good to see another initiative from HEMP Party members in the sunshine state.)

Just In Canada

Canadian Prime Minister Sets Legal Weed Into Motion [High Times]

There is no way of knowing just how long it will take Trudeau and his parliamentary cronies to develop a system to bring marijuana out of the black market and into the light of legitimate commerce. Yet, considering Trudeau’s expeditious action on the issue, it would appear he intends to keep grinding the ax until a comprehensive plan to tax and regulate marijuana in the same manner as alcohol is put into play.

Justin Trudeau Takes a First Step Toward Marijuana Legalization in Canada [Time]

Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada Mandate Letter [Justin Trudeau]

In particular, I will expect you to work with your colleagues and through established legislative, regulatory, and Cabinet processes to deliver on your top priorities:
6. Working with the Ministers of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness and Health, create a federal-provincial-territorial process that will lead to the legalization and regulation of marijuana.

Vancouver Island mayors seek guidance from Ottawa on pot shops [theglobeandmail]

Nanaimo Mayor Bill McKay said he finds the issue “so bizarre” given the anti-pot messaging from the former Conservative federal government. “The previous health minister was very vocal in her opposition to what Victoria and Vancouver were doing,” Mr. McKay said. “I’d like to find out from the current Health Minister as to whether she echoes that view of her predecessor.” If Ottawa allows dispensaries to sell marijuana, Ms. Helps said she hopes the federal government will let cities have input about where they can operate, including shops with bricks-and-mortar locations.

Worldwide Wrap

Colombia Plans To Legalize Sale Of Medical Marijuana Under Presidential Decree [techtimes]

The Colombian government is planning to legalize marijuana for medical use under a Presidential decree. This decree will regulate both manufacturing and selling of marijuana within the country and for export.

Irish police back decriminalising personal possession of heroin [Guardian]

One Garda Representative Association source said resources are so stretched in Dublin, where heroin usage is rife in certain parts of the capital, that “we don’t even have enough cells to lock up drug users who get arrested for possessing drugs”. The initiative marks a major break with the state’s decades-long policy of criminalising heroin and other drug users.

Top drug expert says: the war on drugs is just a war on the poor [heraldscotland]

McPhee told the Sunday Herald: “The war on drugs, one must conclude, is a war on the poor, as they are most affected by the performance indicators used by medicine, criminal justice social work, particularly child protection, and the police, enforcement and security agencies.” He continued: “Only a continual challenging of the moral framework on which drug policy rests can lead to reforms of our unjust, unfair and unworkable drug policies.” “All the things that we attribute to drugs, like poor health, or poor housing or poverty, these are in many ways enduring structural factors caused by inequality and deprivation, and these people when they use drugs may go on to be problem drug users, but the key factor here…is there is no relationship between the activity of the police, the availability of drugs and the number of drug users. And no matter what you spend on the misuse of drugs it can never achieve its aims.”

Research Shows Industrial Hemp Is More Versatile Than We Thought [High Times]

Going much further than just using corn to make ethanol, scientists are looking at many different crops and trying to optimize their applications. Succinic acid, identified as one of the most important platform chemicals in industry, goes into many plastics, food additives and medicines. Though generally produced from petroleum, researchers in Denmark have designed a biorefinery concept that can produce 149 kg of ethanol and 115 kg of succinic acid per ton of hemp. Looking at just ethanol production, hemp yields less than corn per acre: 136 gallons of ethanol per acre of hemp compared to 317 gallons of ethanol per acre of corn. But if the hemp can make ethanol and succinic acid at once, it might become more profitable and further reduce the chemical industry’s need for fossil fuels.

5 Things to Know Before You Interview With a Cannabis Company [Entrepreneur]

I was a successful leader of one of the largest consulting firms in the world. I coached some of the world’s top business leaders. Then I left corporate America to work in the cannabis industry, where I assumed my decade-plus of leadership experience, corporate design knowledge and other skills would be of value. I was both right and wrong.

World’s first pocket spectrometer lets you measure the molecular makeup of nearly anything [inhabitat]

Equipped with some of the capabilities of large, heavy laboratory spectrometers, but built around the kind of optics used in cell phone cameras, the SCiO measures the light reflected off any given object, breaks down its spectrum, and then sends that information to the cloud. Consumer Physics‘ unique algorithms immediately interpret the resulting data and the results show up on your cell phone within 5 seconds on a 3G connection. Designed to empower you with knowledge of your environment, medicine, food, and a near-infinite number of things, the SCiO will also allow you to participate in building the world’s first database of matter.

Cannabis Animal Chews Are Human Tested [Forbes]

The studies that most of the products use for validation are studies on humans, not animals. A grand irony for all the years animals have been used as test subjects for human drugs. In a Parker-David pharmaceutical catalogue from 1912, medical cannabis was extensively used in the veternary field, but it was mostly intended for human use and the difference was only in the dosage.

HEMP on facebook [Plenty More]

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Annual General Meeting 2015 [HEMP]

The Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party annual general meeting will be held in the Nimbin Town Hall at 6pm on Saturday 28 November. All members are welcome. The Medicinal Cannabis Workshop begins at 11am NSW time on the same day and same location. And for local volunteers, the Embassy and MOB annual general meetings are the day before, next door at 5pm.



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