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Recent news of the Drager drug testing machine which sounds destined for next years annual protest on the first weekend in May, is just more deluded harassment of Cannabis users, says MardiGrass Organiser, Michael Balderstone.

“Protecting your own health will become more difficult for medical marijuana users when police, with increased power for detecting medicine, intimidate more motorists with the fear of prosecution.

Choosing between suffering disease or driving a car will be easy for some people while others contemplate their level of freedom.”

“Discretionary profiling of ‘undesirables’ will weed out the workforce and increase the rate of crime. Idiotic policing on the unsound evidence of impairment will cause more disrespect for the law.”

“Cannabis prohibition is on trial and it is more of a costly failure than ever.”

“The Police should absolutely consider the recent statements from Lismore Magistrates re drug driving cases where it was clearly pointed out that impairment need not have anything to do with drivers registering positive for Cannabis in their system. The test is solely about detecting Cannabis in your system. It has nothing to do with impaired driving.”

“Unlike other drugs which pass through the body in a day or so, Cannabis being fat soluble, lingers on for up to 3 months. Not just in Nimbin but all over Australia hitch hiking will be booming and people will be unable to get to work if they pursue this new testing like they do alcohol roadside testing.”

“The NSW Roads Minister Duncan Gay announced 11% of fatalities on the state’s roads involved drivers or riders with illicit drugs in their system – justifying the rollout. These figures are totally distorted, like hospital admission figures etc, wherever blood tests are done.”

Michael Balderstone, President Nimbin HEMP Embassy

51 Cullen Street Nimbin NSW 2480

Phone: (02) 66 890326 a/h 66 897525

New device to let police drug test drivers “every day”

Northern Star – Rodney Stevens – 8th Sep 2014

A NEW weapon in the fight against road fatalities is coming to the Northern Rivers and police are putting drivers who use illicit drugs on notice.

Richmond and Tweed Byron Highway Patrol cluster supervisor Senior Sergeant Chad George said the Drager DrugTest machine would be kept at Lismore Police station from May 2015.

Traditionally, Snr Sgt George said, drug testing operations across the region coincided with major events. “Drug testing is usually conducted with our major events, so Mardigrass, Splendour in the Grass, Bluesfest and over holiday periods,” he said.

“Once we get the device we will be able to use it every day and there is a push on for mobile testing rather than the stationary testing we have traditionally conducted.”

The Drager DrugTest device detects the presence of cannabis, methamphetamine, amphetamines and cocaine in a driver’s oral fluid.

Once a positive roadside result is produced the driver then undergoes further, more sensitive, testing to confirm the presence of illicit drugs.

The Richmond Local Area Command was identified as one area of NSW which had a high hit-rate for drug drivers, Snr Sgt George said.

“Richmond LAC has had some high results in the past from the percentage of drivers tested compared with the number of tests conducted.”

“The devices are being regionalised, starting at the end of this year; however the device coming to the Richmond LAC will arrive in May 2015.

“That will allow us to do random drug testing exactly the same as we now do random breath testing.”

In August, NSW Roads Minister Duncan Gay announced 11% of fatalities on the state’s roads involved drivers or riders with illicit drugs in their system – justifying the rollout.

“We know that in the last four years, at least 166 people died on our roads in crashes involving motorists with at least one of three illicit drugs: Cannabis, speed or ecstasy, in their system,” he said.

“We will be stepping up the fight to remove this behaviour from our roads and help save the lives of innocent motorists endangered by the idiotic actions of drug drivers.”


Draeger Global – Analysis system for detecting drugs – http://youtu.be/SJ4tm6PCwF0


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