Letter to Obama

Dear Mr President, can you please discuss medical cannabis with Prime Minister Kevin Rudd during your visit to Australia this month.

Mr. Rudd is in the dark, it seems. He declined the joint when offered years ago. Our Government is still claiming that cannabis causes psychosis and is 10 times stronger than 30 years ago.

NSW is building a new jail every year to keep up with arrests. 56% of our juveniles in jail are Aboriginals, yet they represent 2% of the population.

We will travel to Canberra during your visit with Big Joint, our 10 metre inflatable, to try and remind you how important the issue is.

Yours Sincerely.

Michael Balderstone

President of Nimbin Hemp.

President Barack Obama to address Australian parliament.

UNITED States President Barack Obama will address a special joint sitting of federal parliament in Canberra on March 23.


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