MardiGrass 22 Wrapped


Nimbin’s 22nd annual Cannabis law reform rally and gathering hosted by the HEMP Embassy was layered with good vibes.

There were a lot of happy faces in the protest action, laughter and music. There was also serious discussion and learning, and fortunately few arrests or Police dramas in the village. Which is pretty humorous in itself considering its a gathering of thousands of criminals. Just exactly where is the crime? The Police were generally praised for sensibly standing back except for the burly undercovers (hardly) who did their best to ruin Johnny Ganja’s honeymoon.

They were a sour note like the drug testing just outside town of drivers with the tacky lick-sticks which are clearly unreliable but open the door to test your blood. Close to a hundred people were busted for ‘drug driving’ which doesn’t mean they were impaired at all. We all know Cannabis stays in your blood for a month or more, unlike all other drugs. It’s just more persecution of Cannabis users based on utter nonsense.

Many people trekked through the paddocks and forest to get around the roadblocks. Others walked to town to avoid a parking fine because it seemed nearly everywhere was off limit. Fortunately the Lismore Council is not the only big profit maker, the Showground was packed with campers who kept the farmers and their wives flat chat.

Highlights of the weekend included Kerrianne Cox holding the crowd spell bound with her passion and power in one of the most moving MardiGrass Rally speeches in years.

The Bentley blockade was mentioned throughout the weekend as we were reminded of the common ground we have in trying to protect the Earth and her treasures.

LNP Queensland MP Jason Woodforth was the only politician present and said he will fight for our cause no matter what flack he receives from his Party. “How can I have a beer which is a drug and not support your right to have a joint?,’’ he said.

Tony Bower from Mullaways Medical Cannabis was ever popular and the float award of $1,000 was split between him and the Ganja Faeries with a dancing troupe third who had travelled from Japan just for the protest parade. Many promised to attend Tony’s new court case in Kempsey on May 28 after yet another raid on his patients plants.


The World Stoned Chess Championship was again a wonderful success with competitors battling out the final games by candlelight in Rainbow Lane. There were 27 competitors from 8 countries and Max Dargin who grew up in Nimbin finally won.

Crowd favourite the HEMP Olympix, compered by S Sorrensen and his assistant Andrea Soler, every year gets more and more seriously competitive as contestants vie for Maxx Maxted’s Gold cups.

Preference whisperer Glenn Druery’s fitness impressed and he found himself standing on the Olympix podium in the Growers Iron Person Event next to people half his age. That Gold was won by Justin from Hastings Point in one minute 27 seconds.

Hashy Smashy from Nimbin won the womens in 1m 33 sec. The mens Bong Throw was won by Brendon from the South Coast with a throw of 49.9 metres. The women’s by Hannah from Nimbin with 37.7 metres. She also won the Plantem Award for the best all rounder.

Young Sal excelled in the Joint Rolling taking home 2 Gold Cups winning the Speed Roll in 24 seconds and the Blindfold (roll in the dark) in 48. The Legendry Bob the Joint Builder won the Adverse Conditions and Justin from Santa Cruz the Artistic Roll with a “burning man” creation.


Caroline’s MardiGarbos up-cycled the refuse from MardiGrass in a huge effort and we aim to keep it going by trying to recycle Nimbin’s waste much better than it currently is.

Do help us, get involved.

There are literally hundreds of people who voluntarily helped make MardiGrass happen, as well as the whole village which tolerates a massive invasion of outsiders every year.

Infinite thanks to everyone. Nimbin is truly a community like no other, the volunteer backpackers kept telling me.

The Tug ‘O Drug War was again fiercely contested on the slopes of Sativa Stadium with the final score: Polite Service 2, Police Force 0. Despite this, the Police confirmed it’s not true Cannabis will be legal in Nimbin for the next year.

So it’s on again, May 2 and 3, 2015.

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