MardiGrass Gives Methadone The Nod


Nimbin’s annual MardiGrass Cannabis Law Reform Protestival is shaping up to be the most science and fact based Cannabis event ever presented in Australia.

With a full line up of recognised Australian and visiting researchers as well as Federal and State Parliamentarians, sessions are sure to be well attended by many seeking accurate information rather than hollow announcements being made by Premiers’ seeking to champion the cause.

HEMP Party Secretary, Andrew Kavasilas said, “The science is well and truly in on the medical benefits of Cannabis and NSW taxpayers paid for a series of Inquiries more than 10 years ago which supported its use. We’ve assemble some of the most knowledgeable people on the subject to highlight the most recent developments, setbacks and the need for drastic action by Australian Governments.”

In spite of the NSW Government leading the charge and championing the use of Cannabis for various medical conditions, NSW Police have announced a scale up of the use of roadside saliva testing in an attempt to address drug use. Australia is the only country in the world to use these devices in such a manner and many questions are now being asked in Parliament about the accuracy, benefits and negative consequences caused by their use.

The issue is finally getting attention with NSW Greens calling for an Inquiry into the use of these devices and the insistence by various State Police, including NSW Police who maintain any attempt to lift the Australian only ban on hemp seed consumption may interfere with the operation and expansion of saliva testing.

HEMP Embassy head, Michael Balderstone said, “it’s the same old pick on the Cannabis users who are the easy targets with our safest drug of all bulky smelly herb which dogs love and stays in your blood for weeks while other drugs are gone virtually overnight. And more hypocrisy in that there’s no science behind this saliva testing, yet Police use them. When we call for research and use of Cannabis for medical purposes, we’re told no because there’s not enough science.”

“We all know this roadside drug testing is not about impairment. They’re nets to get ice sharks mostly catch stoner dolphins who might have had a smoke the day or more before.”

MardiGrass organisers have been impressed with the varied suggestions and actions proposed to highlight the inefficiencies and negative consequences directly attributable to Australian Police use of saliva testing. “It’s all peaceful protests but it shows how angry people feel about this new bullying of Cannabis users,” Mr Balderstone added. ” I think there’s hemp food stalls being set up in Lismore and Uki offering hemp seed consumables which Police claim confuse the tests. I’ve also heard of notices pinned up at north coast methadone clinics seeking drivers for MardiGrass carpooling.”

“It should be easy for people finding a designated driver as everyone knows these test can’t detect opiates and methadone, as well as prescription sedatives, depressants, synthetic Cannabis and a bunch of other drugs. As well, all other illegal drugs pass through the body much quicker than Cannabis, especially ice.”

MardiGrass organisers have shuttle buses arranged from Byron and Lismore for worried drivers but suggest stoners who are concerned find a mate who doesn’t smoke weed or hitch hike.””

“It’s time we stood up to this nonsense and if you don’t use pot you can help your friends who do to have a worry free drive. These dumb laws actually push people away from Cannabis to risky drugs they are far less likely to get busted with. But the silliest thing is bad laws just erode respect for all laws.”

NIMBIN MARDIGRASS May 1st, 2nd and 3rd

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