Maybe Unda and out

The end is nigh, not of the world but of the old world attitude. The withdrawel has begun, as in Afghanistan so in Nimbin. 
The folly of war has finally found its way into the secret corners of the BDM’s world, (Big Decision Makers). It was helped by the ADHD kid searching one of the Health Ministers favorite sons last week, and in front of everyone in a WKTD, ( well known tourist destination, for new readers).
“There are bigger fish to fry”, spat out the furious and overweight BDM after he was presented with the annual figures.

“Only 3 Nimbin stoners in jail all year.” He couldn’t believe it. “That’s over $4 million per head in Force costs.”
He glared at the room full of us, me with my tangled and filthy dreadlocks standing out like a taxi in Cullen street, made the mistake of looking him in the eye. 
“You’re finished Bethany or whatever your name is this week,” he screamed. “And we know you’ve been buying up all the good weed so we can’t get any. And you’ve probably been warning the dealers off instead of cutting us in. And you havn’t been taking your pills the lab boys tell me.”
I wasn’t ready for the last one but the training stood firm and maintaining the drug-fucked persona I’ve been playing lately, I stared back at him, dribbling. He had to look away. 
“If we have to, you have to,” was the cry almost in unison, from everyone in the room as they turned on me. 
“But my job is to smoke weed. I do that instead of the pills. I never get depressed,” said Bethany flatly. 

The pills are supposed to stop depression (they’ve given up on happiness) but they just make everyone eat more and more junk food. 
 “To try and fill the bottomless hollow of discontent,” as the Dalai calls it. They’re jealous of my SUCT he says,(smoke unlimited cannabis ticket – only 3 issued in Oz). Thats the truth of it and the grimacing Boss had to let me out the side door for safety. 
There’s always been Unda’s who cross over, or more commonly just lose it. Lose who they are in a maze of lies and deception. There are several living on Nimbins streets currently but confusion reigns with medication the jockey. It’s happenned to me before, losing who I am, but nothing a good holiday couldn’t fix. 
This time is different. I can pretend I’ve lost it. Easy really, just stay in role! 
The months in the Pipe Tribe changed me dramatically. For a start, processed foods were banned from the camp and I shed weight like the tide was going out. The yoga and meditation we did together in the forest has suddenly become a habit which hasn’t helped my “hippy-lover” reputation in the Force. They hate the Tribe, “dole bludging forest fairies”. Spot on really. 
Fact is this is the new me and I like it. I never intended to be a double agent but was left with little choice. Natural forces win the day as they always do in the end. 
Change is arriving like a slow building tidal wave and I’m going with the flow like you hippies have been telling me to do for so long.
“Not only is your favorite herb a pain killer, it’s also entertaining,” the Dalai cackled in his broken English, grinning from ear to ear. “People who smoke the sacred weed slow down and think. That’s what we always used it for. It’s a sleeping medicine for some and a dreamcatcher for others. Spreading the good news of the sacred plants is important work”. We agreed so long as we never ran out of weed and some good company we could never be depressed. 
It’s the new cost scare for Governments of all rich countries he says. More than cancer and heart dramas put together, depression expenses are doubling every year with no sign of slowing down.
And it’s rampant in the Force as they are discovering with endless monitoring of all members on all health fronts. They fill out forms recording everything we eat or drink, how often we have sex, get angry or get depressed, time and colour of poo and pee, etc etc. Everyone is supposed to take the green and blue pills once a week. For six months now I’ve been flushing them and they’ve discovered it in the latest blood test, compulsory every month now. 
My SUCT allows me to have weed in my blood but the others loathe it. They’ve been smoking Kronic like crazy and now it’s illegal no doubt there will be a few raids to shore up the stash but that will soon dry up, and then what?
I stashed my watch and phone in the roof of the Nimbin public toilets. Sure enough someone (thank you!) found it the next day and now who knows where I am? Hopefully my file will quietly go to the bottom of the pile.

HipiLeaks June 2011: The make Nimbin streets look like cannabis destroys lives project has been way too successful and must be stopped. We need new investors to feel comfortable enough to purchase new land becoming available. All Undacuvas to wear clean clothes and shoes and have short hair. Ties are not advisable as they still attract attention.

HipiLeaks July 2011: The man called Mullaway plans to give away free cannabis tincture medicine outside NSW Parliament August 23rd and all Undas available are to be in attendance early that day with a letter from their doctor (already in your mail box). This medicine works and we aim to obtain all his stock before the public can access it.


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