Nimbin Poetry 2011


Nimbin Performance Poetry World Cup is an opportunity for poets to gather once a year to share their passion for performing poetry.

The competition is more about the spirit of participation than the prize money. The whole weekend is inspirational for the audience and the performers. Hundreds of people have performed since the World Cup began in 2003.

Judging is extremely difficult and the final eight performers are lucky to qualify to perform in the Grand Final at the Town Hall on Sunday evening.

Thanks to all the fabulous performers (38) who came along to Nimbin to share their words and passions. For those who missed the 2011 World Cup, Nimbin Poetry has added 12 videos to the YouTube Channel.

You can find all the 2011 NPPWC Introduction, Elizabeth and Tug return, all 8 Finalists plus the Results videos in a playlist.

The ninth annual Poetry World Cup Final.

Presented by: Gail and Jane. Judges: Elizabeth Routledge, David Heilpern and Tug Dumbly. Eight performers from the Heats and Semi-Finals qualify for the Finals of the NPPWC. 

2011 Finalists:

1. Candy Royalle

2. Geoff Lemon

3. Zelly Oops

4. Catherine Stewart

5. Scott Sandwich

6. Doubting Thomas

7. David Hallett

8. Darkwing Dub 

Awards for the ‘Peoples Choice’, the winner and all finalists of the ninth annual Poetry World Cup performed at the Nimbin Town Hall on Sunday, August 7. 

YouTube Playlist of all 12 videos.

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The tenth annual Nimbin Performance Poetry World Cup is on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th of August, 2012. 

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