NSW Election Disappointing and Inadequate




The NSW based Help End Marijuana Prohibition HEMP Party is calling on its supporters and those who support medical Cannabis and industrial hemp and regulated approaches to vote GreensLabor 1 and 2 on their ballot on Saturday.

“It’s never been more important for NSW voters to fill in all the boxes and place the Liberals/Nationals last’ said HEMP Party President, Michael Balderstone.

Reflecting on a history of medical Cannabis debate in NSW and the Michael Baird Government watering down and drawing out medical Cannabis debate to a fraction of what was announced in company of the Haslam family.


“The citizens of NSW have already paid for a bunch of Parliamentary Inquiries and Reports on these issues under the Carr Government, the recommendations are there and are unlikely to change, it time for solid commitments that will allow use and meaningful research into the use of Cannabis for medical purpose”, said Hemp Party Secretary, Andrew Kavasilas.

In the early 2000’s, NSW Premier Bob Carr made sincere commitments claiming, ‘it’s the Government’s duty to allow the use of Cannabis for medical purposes’, an Expert Working Party was appointed and Recommendations produced to allow its use. It appears the Report and Recommendations gathered dust while the Carr Government allowed the issue to go by the way.

Mr Kavasilas added, “similar to the low THC hemp industry and hemp seed food red tape, successive NSW Governments have ignored all the research and scientific advice to stifle and corrupt the status quo for political reasons which seem to appease select commercial interests”.

Australia remains the only western nation to maintain a ban on the consumption of the highly nutritious hemp seed. ABC Landline episodes have highlighted Australian government obstacles, in spite of a Tasmanian Parliamentary Inquiry which identified the ban as impeding the entire industrial hemp industry.

“I think Labor and LiberalNational members are bound by unsustainable party lines, to me it appears the Greens are the only party who can convey commonsense on this and many other drug issues. The big parties are still ramping up their drug war because of ice now with no acknowledgment or understanding it seems that prohibition is creating the nightmares. Our attitude to drug use needs to change urgently. We need the police out of health issues,” added Mr Balderstone.

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An ounce of perception and a gram of action needed to win

While the internal party machines of the big two remain in moral conflict over Recreational v Medical use of CannabisCannabis, potential votes are lost because of selective deafness.

The silence from the big two on the Cannabis law reform issue in this campaign has been deafening; but while they have been sidestepping the issue, the people have been doing their homework.


There have been four Medical Cannabis Peoples’ Forums held since January. Each one a full house – NSW voters seeking out Cannabis therapy and going away to spread the message.

These voters are looking for candidates with firm policies that liberate the healing and disease prevention potential of Cannabis. If current research is to be believed, Cannabis use could well lead to reducing the financial burden of future health budgets on our tax system. Alas, the picture is not looking good for these voters. Neither side seems to realise that in a close contest this issue could tip one or the other over the line.

The offerings so far:

Mike Baird’s TICS appears to be a magnet for police to “call on registered patients” when they are out to destroy their medicine.

“This happened to an MCUA member during the week,” said Ms Hester founding member of the Medical Cannabis Users Association in Australia.

“A registered terminally ill patient had all their garden plants obliterated by indiscriminate search and destroy missions,” she said. “This is disgraceful treatment. It is not fair to our terminally ill patients or their carers.”

All Luke Foley can offer in response is that, “its too little too late”. What is Labor’s plan? Same old song – second verse same as the first ?

Interestingly, both of these Parties – devoted corporate slaves to political donations – are offering “free chemotherapy” as an incentive for votes, while the Cannabis users despair at their actions.

Cannabis law reform is an issue that will not be swept under the carpet again. We need clear policy in place on this issue that will enable the growth of an agricultural industry with continuing and infinite advantages.

ABC’s Vote compass has seen Medicinal Cannabis named as a big issue already. In a close contest it could be the issue to get one of them over the line.

Cannabis legalisation is important to a growing number of grey voters – many of who remember it being commonly used in pharmacy preparations.

“My neighbour aged 76, even remembers having Cannabis plants in her mum’s herb gardens and plucking and eating leaves,” said Ms Hester. “She believes it absence from the diet could be one reason why cancer has become so prevalent in recent decades.”

There is a growing band of every day Aussies who never smoked a joint but believe that the benefits of full legalisation of Cannabis far outweigh any real (or perceived) harms.

They are beginning to understand that Cannabis can be a safer recreation choice than alcohol to relieve stress. Stress is a cause of major diseases or compounds the effects of minor conditions. Recreation is associated with healing and the prevention of disease. There needs to be a safer choice.

Aussies are sick of two party politics and are looking for common sense and honesty in their politicians; or someone to keep the dishonest ones in check. There may be a few surprises in store next weekend as voters express their true feelings at the ballot box.



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