Second Medical Cannabis Seminar set to go in Nimbin


The Nimbin HEMP Embassy has responded to overwhelming interest in the use of Cannabis for medical purposes by announcing a second Medical Cannabis Seminar to be held next Saturday the 7th February at the Nimbin Town Hall from

HEMP Party spokesperson Michael Balderstone said, “Momentum is building with most state Governments having this issue on their agenda. The immediate problems with supply are yet to be addressed, while the Federal Government seems content to see how the NSW endeavours progress.”

Founder of the Medical Cannabis Users Association of Australia (MCUA) Ms Gail Hester agrees. Her “collective” came into being 8 months ago when the Dan Haslam story broke. It now boasts over 4600 members who lobby governments with the aim of being heard about the truth and benefits of the legalisation of Cannabis issue.”

“MCUA members are mostly rejects from our health system with terminal ,chronic, rare and baffling illnesses – MANY of whom have experienced significant improvement in their quality of life by using Cannabis – but at big risk to their legal health. “ she said.

“Word is well and truly out there and the people will be sending a loud message that making legal access to therapeutic Cannabis is a big issue in the NSW election. And not just with “terminal” voters .”

“Our Qld MCUA Mums ran a strong and determined campaign to bring Medical Cannabis to the table in Queensland and I am extremely proud of there tenacity, courage and achievement in what amounts to a police state.”

HEMP Party Secretary Andrew Kavasilas said, “Having had time to go over the NSW, Victorian and Tasmanian proposals, I will speak about the very limited scope and nature of these proposals. It’s especially disheartening for NSW taxpayers who already paid for a bunch of medical cannabis inquiries under the Carr Government.”

Guest speakers include Dr Andrew Katelaris, the fearless and inspiring advocate for the use of Cannabis in all its forms: Dr Graham Irvine who completed a PhD on the “Legalisation of Medicinal Cannabis in NSW” and was the first Australian to import Sativex; Bruce Cox long term medicine maker, Ash on raw Cannabis and prevention is better than cure, local healer Radic Al, balm maker Lyn Dufty, Kilgore Trout and several others.

Nimbin’s famous Ganja Faeries are catering, raising money for their Mardi Gras float in Sydney next month. Speakers begin at 11 am (10 am Qld time) and we expect will continue through til 4:20.


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