State of Fear

So why do I think prohibition is a major contributor to mental health problems?
When the English were ruling India around 1900 they realised thousands of the locals were smoking pot everyday and undertook major research on its effect. They overwhelmingly concluded the potsmokers were no different to the others in their work or homelife. That was when cannabis was legal and you could buy it from a shop or grow your own.

Other cultures where cannabis use is or was rife, similarly were not known to cause mental health problems, more the opposite in fact. The old herbal books show cannabis was used for centuries as a treatment for mental illness.
However, I have no doubt pot has triggered disturbances in some people, as can alcohol, other drugs, your wife leaving or a car accident. A psychiatrist once told me “pot is manure for the imagination “(he was a gardener!) Some people obviously don’t need help in their garden.

I am actually surprised psychotic experiences are not more prevalent with cannabis use because the first occasion, a bit of a ritual, is nearly always done in a state of fear. It’s illegal. You’re breaking the law. Who wants to be a criminal? Parents may find out, teachers, bosses, friends…..the pressure is huge.

To both smoke, and not to smoke. A paranoid early experience is common in illegal drug use. Many never experiment again.

It must be remembered cannabis can be a powerful drug with a powerful effect on some people. The CIA used it as a truth drug in experiments. “The doors of perception” can be opened, but then you have to handle what you saw, or saw through!

And too often in Australia smokers are introduced to not just cannabis, but a mix with tobacco. In other countries mixing pot with spin would be blasphemy. I don’t know if this is related but……..pot psychosis is not an issue in other countries like it is here. John Della Bosca wanted to give health advice on not mulling up with spin when he realised kids were getting addicted to the nicotine which soon had them smoking cones every morning. Of course he couldn’t.

Another factor rarely considered. Most people who have psychosis problems have used other drugs as well as pot it seems, often in combination, but in blood testing after a couple of days, fat soluble cannabis is the only drug left that shows up. For a regular smoker it takes months to get it out of your system, hence cannabis surfaces as the cause of all sorts of stuff with blood testing statistics.

Prohibition has created the glamourous forbidden fruit syndrome and the inability for decent health advice or any quality control of the product but still the overriding factor I think is the state of anxiety which can lift off with pot fertiliser, when added to todays pressure and stress.
All more reasons to regulate cannabis use with proper health advice.

In California now, where medical pot has been legal since 1996, you are advised in dispensaries which cannabis variety is suitable for your needs. We are being left behind.

PS.¬†Good on those who sign their name and to all the anonymous, remember this fear you have is because of the “war on drugs’. ¬†Michael Balderstone.

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