Talking Medical Cannabis

To the Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd

Dear Kevin, The Nimbin HEMP Embassy has written to President Obama and asked him to talk to you about Medical Cannabis and the difference it has made in America where States have opened legal medical cannabis dispensaries. What a positive difference it has made in arrest rates, police and court costs, employment and in tax revenue. Its a win win win win situation!

Really it boils down to freedom of choice about one’s own particular medicine and cannabis was an extremely popular medicine before it was outlawed. As if God made a mistake! It seems to us the pharmaceutical companies have grabbed a monopoly on the most profitable of all businesses, pain management. The war on cannabis is long lost as you know.

In our tiny village of Nimbin many people use cannabis regularly, often in preference to alcohol. We have nine permanent police who aggressively hunt young dealers and arrest several each week. They sadly then get a criminal record for life. And there is always an endless supply of willing ‘risk-takers’ to replace them if they are sent to jail.

We have many aboriginal people living in our village because cannabis keeps them off alcohol. They deal because few can grow, or afford it at exorbitant black-market prices. 56% of juveniles in jail in Australia are Aboriginal which is appalling and embarrassing.

To control cannabis use in Australia it needs to be regulated with quality control measures, and of course it can be taxed.

Please speak with President Obama about inhaling whilst you have time with him. We will be travelling down to Canberra in the hope it will encourage the conversation.

Yours sincerely, Michael Balderstone. President of Nimbin Hemp.

CC Email also sent to: Nicola Roxon; Justine Elliot; Janelle Saffin; Julia Gillard.



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