Tamworth Cannabis Symposium a major opportunity


Nimbin HEMP Embassy recognises the Inaugural Australian Medical Cannabis Symposium in Tamworth as an excellent achievement by Lucy Haslam and her family.

“The event will provide a unique opportunity to share knowledge and for us all to move forward in understanding Cannabis and its potential as medicine. It’s a terrific program”, says HEMP President Michael Balderstone.

“So too in Uruguay the government invited Cannabis experts from countries where it’s legal and the whole nation was involved in the discussion. It could be similar in NSW and I hope the weekend has plenty of public involvement and Tamworth’s regional entertainment centre will be filled,”

“A delegation from the HEMP Embassy will attend and we trust that everyone will be on their best behaviour! There is a lot of resentment about the criminal stigma associated with Cannabis use, but we are all pleased to see the issue on the political agenda.”

“We are encouraging medical users to come along, as well as growers and breeders, in fact anyone involved in the Cannabis industry. Collectively we have learnt plenty in the last fifty years but we will be all ears and it’s a rare gathering of experts from countries where medical supply is legal.”

“We believe we have plenty to offer as the actual consumers of the plant but will not be pushing our agenda so much but still hoping to be heard at some point. Topics that we would like to see included but are often missed, include the difference between hydroponic and outdoor organic Cannabis; smoking with tobacco which is rife in Australia; and the dangers of synthetic cannabis especially in mining camps where it evades drug testing.”

November 21 & 22

Tamworth details including bookings.


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