US Cannabis Activists Visit Nimbin March 30


Two leading American Cannabis law reform activists are visiting Nimbin and will give a talk in the Bush Theatre.

Chris Conrad is a court-qualified expert witness on Cannabis who has testified more than 250 times in state, military and federal courts.

Chris is an internationally recognized expert on industrial hemp, commercial activity, cultivation and religious, personal and medical Cannabis use.

A curator of both the Hash-Marijuana-Hemp Museum in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, as well as the Oaksterdam Cannabis Museum in Oakland CA, he grew and processed Cannabis legally in Europe and worked at the famous Cannabis Castle.

Chris is author of Hemp: Lifeline to the Future, Shattered Lives: Portraits From America’s Drug War, and other books.

His ground breaking book on medical marijuana, Hemp for Health, has been translated into six languages.

Chris Conrad and his wife Mikki Norris were volunteer coordinators for California’s Proposition 215 voter initiative that legalized medical marijuana in 1996.

He has worked with legal medical marijuana patients, caregivers and support groups; consults regularly with doctors, attorneys and legislators; and directs Safe Access Now


Among his other accomplishments, Conrad designed and edited Jack Herer’s landmark book, The Emperor Wears No Clothes, and was co-founder and first president of the Hemp Industries Association, an editor of HempWorld magazine, contributor to Heads magazine, and editor in chief of the Oaksterdam News newspaper.

Chris Conrad has appeared in global, national and regional news media to comment on Cannabis-related events.

He portrayed the character Johnny Marijuanaseed on the PBS program The Nineties.

Mikki Norris is director of the Cannabis Consumers Campaign, which advocates for Cannabis consumers to come out of the closet to stand up for their equal rights (see

Mikki is also the coordinator of the Human Rights and the Drug War exhibit project (

Since 1989 the couple have been major activists and leaders in the modern hemp movement and everybody is invited to meet them on;

March 30 in Nimbin
at Bush Theatre
from 5 pm.

The Bush Theatre is now also Bringabong


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