Cannabis Warning

The dangerous consequences of ending Cannabis prohibition are far reaching and permanent. Loosing the war on drugs could have devastating effects on the fabric of society.

This list presents some of the complex issues we face, if Cannabis prohibition is repealed.

* Ruin the profits of pharmaceutical drug corporations

* Undermine the psychological influence of the mainstream media

* Break the cycle of dependency on imports and the local black market

* Waste the money invested in patented products

* Destroy the revenue stream of law enforcement agencies

* Stifle the forecast growth of the legal system

* Damage the productivity of the prison industrial complex

* Decimate all prohibition dependent industries

* Nullify previous convictions and burden the system with compensation payouts

* Shatter the hopes and dreams of international weapons traders, mercenaries and government agencies.

Plus convert former conspiracy theorists into reliable sources of knowledge Other fearful negative effects of Cannabis use.

Where Cannabis is used as currency, the potential for tax avoidance is extremely concerning.

The Cannabis plant can invoke the imagination of the user and help them experience a heightened sensual awareness.

Cannabis users tend to voluntarily explore alternative levels of consciousness and methods of spirituality. They prefer to dress in shabby clothes and wash infrequently while seeking a different path to what is an acceptable moral one.

Sexual depravity is also common among Cannabis users. Acute stimulation of the appetite and Cannabis induces a state of euphoria are also common side effects. 


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ICRS: International Cannabinoid Research Society.

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