Australia21 Illicit Drug Policy Report

Australia21 Illicit Drug Policy Report

In September 2011 Australia21 appointed a steering group that included a number of Australian experts on illicit drug policy. Their task was to work towards an Australian review of the policy of prohibition and explore a different approach to illicit drugs in Australia. The group recommended a high level exploratory roundtable on the topic; What are the likely costs and benefits of a change in Australia’s current policy on illicit drugs?

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Cannabis Warning

Cannabis Warning

The dangerous consequences of ending Cannabis prohibition are far reaching and permanent. Loosing the war on drugs could have devastating effects on the fabric of society. This list presents some of the complex issues we face, if Cannabis prohibition is repealed.

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Defining Addiction

Defining Addiction

Addiction is unlikely with cannabis used as a medicine. The recommended dose is usually lower than that for recreational use. High dosages of medicinal cannabis taken over a longer period may lead to addiction. Quitting may then cause withdrawal symptoms, such as mild forms of restlessness, irritability, insomnia and nausea.

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US must legalise drugs to stop violence


Former Mexican President Vicente Fox made a passionate and powerful call for an end to the war on drugs and called on the United States to legalize drugs to help reduce the violence in Mexico in an interview with BBC TV his week. Fox is critical of current Mexican President Calderon and the US government’s counterproductive “drug control” strategy – and says they are responsible for the 50,000 prohibition-related deaths in Mexico in just the last five years.

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Marijuana: A Chronic History


The fight against drug use in America has been going on since the turn of the last century but the term “War on Drugs” only became part of our national dialogue in 1970 when it was first used by President Richard Nixon. The President later formed the DEA and started a push to outlaw drugs of all kinds. Among the most discussed drugs in this war is Marijuana. This special will look at the storied and strange history of Marijuana in America.

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Hemp Bullets Exceed Expectations


Hemp bullets are bio-degradable and don’t leave a scar. For small events we recommend the Acapulco Gold and for large scale demonstrations you can’t go past Durban Poison with added THC.

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Nimbin Poetry 2011


Nimbin Performance Poetry World Cup is an opportunity for poets to gather once a year to share their passion for performing poetry. The competition is more about the spirit of participation than the prize money. The whole weekend is inspirational for the audience and the performers.

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What are Endocannabinoids?

What are Endocannabinoids

Endocannabinoids are a group of lipid compounds (fatlike) that are produced by some invertebrates and all vertebrates including humans. Their classification is based on their biological activity, which is often similar to that of the main psychoactive phytocannabinoid (plant cannabinoid) delta-9 tetrahydrocanabinol (THC) found in the marijuana plant.

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Wise Man and Useful Fibre Plant

Wise Man and Useful Fibre Plant

In the last little fragment of The History of Life on Earth, a certain hominid species evolved victorious from an era of ice ages by growing new brain pathways, eradicating its milder mannered cousins, and acquiring a taste for coastal property. This species called itself Homo sapiens, which means Wise Man.

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Hemp in British and Australian Colonial History

Hemp in British and Australian Colonial History

The production of hemp (Cannabis sativa) was one of the prime motivators for the Anglo – European colonisation of the continent that became known as Australia.

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