MardiGrass XIX LIVE

NIMBIN TELEVISION Hemp Definition has a live video feed to

Get ready to turn on, tune in and watch out for the annual Cannabis law reform rally and gathering on the first Sunday of May, Nimbin MardiGrass.

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology and a cheap web cam that broadcasts over the internet, you can watch live television from anywhere.

The camera is usually located inside the HEMP Embassy in Nimbin, Australia. The service began in December 2010, to provide video from any location during Nimbin MardiGrass and an extra means of communication all year.


Recorded video remains on the channel in 2 hour blocks for 7 days and can be cut and then appear on YouTube permanently if it was selected for transfer. You can download an .flv file with download helper in firefox. Check the channels index for available video.



A pop up advertisement may appear when you click on play. This free service is sponsored by and their clients. Close any other window or tab for the best performance. Both channels can be played simultaneously.

Nimbin MardiGrass Cannabis Law Reform Rally and Gathering



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Plenty of choice from NIMBIN TELEVISION in Hemp Definition.


Nimbin MardiGrass, Cannabis law reform rally and gathering on the first weekend in May.


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