Nimbin’s annual gathering of cannabis law reformers begins on MayDay, May 1st in Lismore with a march from the Court House at midday to deliver a message to the Police and local Politicians its time for a reality check on how we use and pay for the Nations Health. Big Pharma has everyone bluffed and we need to stand up to their greed. Who ever stands in the way of an epileptic childs seizures being stopped, almost instantly, with no side effects, is a very heartless and sick soul. But that is exactly what is happenning with Tony Bower locked up in Kempsey Court.




Welcome to Nimbin’s 21st annual MardiGrass gathering and rally for Cannabis law reform. Every year we come together to rally for these tragic, ignorant, appallingly rude and unholy laws to change. Change is coming.

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Drug squad chief calls for softened penalties


When we heard on the news that the head of the NSW police drug squad, Detective Superintendent Nick Bingham, said he would like to see cautions given for all “use-possession-type drug offences”, we couldn’t believe our ears. Did someone spike the coffee?

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High Concentration MardiGrass


The annual MardiGrass rally for cannabis law reform on the first Sunday in May is causing some grief in the Nimbin community, which likely has the highest concentration of potheads in the land. It’s the villages 21st Cannabis law reform rally and gathering, over the weekend of May 4 and 5, and this year it’s at a new venue right in the middle of the town.

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2013 MardiGrass Comedy


The Nimbin MardiGrass Comedy Night on Saturday, May 4, 2013, will feature those Guardians of the High Way of Sport, Glover & Sorrensen, plus the Queen of Comedy, Mandy Nolan with other guests.

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Steady Eddy for MardiGrass Comedy

Steady Eddy for MardiGrass Comedy

The MardiGrass Comedy Show will fill the Nimbin Town Hall with laughs on Saturday night, May 5, when that master of wobbly mirth, Steady Eddy takes the stage. MardiGrass comedy has been part of the MardiGrass rally for many years now and has featured many famous Australian comedians.

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2011 MardiGrass Comedy Club

2011 MardiGrass Comedy Club

This year the MardiGrass Comedy Club will be an extra special event on Saturday Night, April 30, from 8-10pm. For a start the Comedy Club will be held in Nimbin Town Hall. Pretty fancy. This beautiful and venerable space will be transformed into the coolest comedy club this side of the Pacific. But the really exciting news is the line-up.

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The Events in detail…. Entry is $2:00 for each event. Entrants can sign in at Peace Park Olympix Stadium on Saturday the 30th of April.

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MardiGrass 2011 on track


MardiGrass 2011 has been inspired by Proposition 19 in California. Even though the vote was lost, cannabis law reform got a lot of attention and we will be doing our best this year to bring Australia up to date with what’s happening in North America.

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Nimbin MardiGrass on YouTube

Nimbin MardiGrass on YouTube You can find the 2010 video collection at where there is a growing list in Hemp Definition. More content than previous years, including the street parade, Olympix XV, Dr. Bob, 420 Global Marijuana March and the Cannabis Cup. Click on this link Vlog Pages Main Site Embassy

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