Occupy Obunda


Millions were spent, possibly billions, on how to dismantle the 99% protests and once again the tiny one pub village Nimbin showed the way. In fact our local Undacuva initiatives have been nominated for TOY, Tactics Of the Year, again. It was so simple you probably wont get it.

“Get out of the way,” was our advice, “and let the street people take over.
Let the homeless, lost and the mentally unstable invade the 99% kitchens.
They wont be able to feed them all.”

The Boss told us a long silence followed as the idea settled in at the New York crisis meeting. Then he was able to tell them how he’d used those very tactics for years in the Bin and he flew home like a king with his TOY nomination. In fact he did little but read my reports which told him he could save a fortune by letting nature take its course.

“The kindness of the hippies is their weakness”, he says on Facebook to the Yanks. “They share what they have and inevitably run out.” He didn’t tell them about the loaves and fishes which I put in my report, but he did say how they believed in turning the other cheek so often they had sore necks. He was the only one who laughed.
When I claimed a share of the TOY Prize he sent me to Canberra.

Obama’s people outnumbered the hippies about twenty to one down there on the lawns at Parliament House but they still hit the grass with guns drawn when one of the hairy Polites announced loudly,”time to blow up the joint”. Relief all round when it turned out to be just the giant inflatable scoob.

We heard from them the Prez had mentioned his favorite herb to Julia, who retorted,” we drink beer down unda Barack, you want one for lunch?” It was the only time he looked at our PM with pity apparently.
The man doesn’t even drink coffee they told us.

The Big Two discussed war tactics and the Bin came up in a lot in conversation they said. “We copied your method of sending in the mad and homeless to drown the occupy movements, but were dismayed they just built bigger kitchens and managed to feed everyone. These people prefer a crowded smelly tent to a warm bed alone.”

Julia went on and told him about the ‘War on Work’ that yours truly made Canberra aware of recently. “It’s very popular in the Bin and other occupy camps.

Several thousand recruits have signed a pledge to, can you believe it, ‘only do work we love and respect and nothing that hurts the Earth.’”
No Drama was fascinated. “The hippies aren’t dead yet.” He seemed delighted. “That’s similar to what they were saying in Wall Street and they do have a point. We can’t keep growing forever, something has to give.”
Julia was puzzled and he saw her worried look.

“I’ve been looking at that giant joint too long eh Jewels (as he called her). Starting to think like a stoner again. Better get me that beer after all.”
Later she disturbed No Drama and Tim enjoying an in depth discussion about bongs versus jobs.
There was an even bigger dilemma discussed that evening the CIA boys told us, the slow down in consuming.

Apparently the last big buying was the flatscreen rush but a new satiation point has been reached now and clear signs are emerging that people are sick of forcing themselves to go to work on Monday just to update their toaster!

Why not work less and stay in bed and watch movies teased No Drama. Jewels was sure he was flirting.

HipiLeaks; Nov 2011. The new experiments treating depression with ecstasy and lsd have sent shockwaves through the pharmaceutical heavyweights because people are being cured in one or two sessions.

The trials must be stopped or they will be bankrupted. There are no profits in healing people they claim, they must be allowed to manage their pain, ideally so they need lifetime medication.

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