Cannabis: The Evil Weed?


Cannabis is the world’s favourite illegal drug, but also one of the least understood. Can cannabis cause schizophrenia? Is it addictive? Can it lead you on to harder drugs? Or is it simply a herb, an undervalued medicine? Addiction specialist Dr John Marsden discovers that modern science is finally beginning to find answers to these questions. John traces the cannabis plants’ birthplace in Kazakhstan; finds the origins of our sensitivity to cannabis in the simple sea squirt; and finds out just what it does to our brains.

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Cannabis: What’s the Harm?


Ex-EastEnders star James Alexandrou explores the truth about Britain’s favourite illegal drug, from cannabis sold on the street to the hidden world of organised crime. Exploring the use and effects of Britain’s most popular illegal drug.

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Canada’s $20 billion-dollar marijuana industry is now at a violent crossroads between crime and commerce. Impossible to police, yet steadily gaining public acceptance, the cannabis industry is now so vast and vital to Canada’s national economy that it can no longer be ignored. CannaBiz unfolds in Grand Forks, BC, a small border town nestled in [...]

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Our Drugs War


Documentary series examining the global story of drugs, from Afghanistan’s poppy fields to the streets of New York and the estates of Edinburgh. With Angus Macqueen from Channel 4. Episode 1, Everyone’s at It – Episode 2, The Life and Death of a Dealer – Episode 3, Birth of a Narco-State.

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A Grower's Lot by Kog

MARIJUANA A Grower’s Lot by Kog. A step by step guide to growing organic marijuana. Features include: – plot preparation – seed selection – germination – cloning – watering and fertilising – harvesting – drying, curing and storage.

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Nimbin Justice Action Group: Larrikin

Mingle Park is where the policing rubber hits the public road: cannabis and mushroom distribution collides with tourist’s intent on transcendental experience.

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Dispense with the law

The money wasted trying to enforce the law, now measured in billions per year, has only seen the prison population explode and further eroded any faith in the justice system by the millions of victims of the so called crime of consuming Cannabis. The punishment in some parts of the world is definetly more harmful

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H.R.1866 - Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2009

H.R.1866 – Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2009 Congress Trackers ——– We need to garner support for this bill. The economy can't wait any longer. The people can't wait any longer. Presented by President Mini me Obama in Hemp Definition for NIMBIN TELEVISION.

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The responsible consumption of cannabis is mainly a health issue. People make their own choices. It’s not the purpose of these guidelines to tell people how to behave, but to ensure they have solid evidence available so they can make educated and informed decisions. These new guidelines will help people to make those decisions. The form of cannabis use with the lowest health, social, legal and economic risk is abstinence.



All the video content is from the skills and resources of the Nimbin HEMP Embassy where you can learn more about Cannabis and prohibition.

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