Wise Man and Useful Fibre Plant

Wise Man and Useful Fibre Plant

In the last little fragment of The History of Life on Earth, a certain hominid species evolved victorious from an era of ice ages by growing new brain pathways, eradicating its milder mannered cousins, and acquiring a taste for coastal property. This species called itself Homo sapiens, which means Wise Man.

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Hemp seed food submission


The scientists at FSANZ were not pleased by the action of the politicians in 2002 and they wish this current application to succeed, without undue delay. They are prepared to dispute with the politicians if there is to be a repeat of 2002 decision. Public comment will be called on the 15th March.

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Cannabis Health

In the areas of health and medicine the use of Hemp could lead to dramatic improvements in society. Cannabis or Hemp seed is one of the richest sources of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), the plant based form of the essential fatty acid omega 3.

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Sex Party preferences come from high rollers

In the 2010 Federal Election the Australian HEMP Party advise their members that the Australian SEX Party has rational and appropriate policies relating to cannabis. The Australian HEMP Party advises that members should number their ballot paper ‘below the line’ and so take control of their own preferences. –

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Black History, Bright Future.

Mullaways Medical Cannabis has got the go ahead from the Federal level of the Therapeutic Goods Administration to move forward with their plans to manufacture medical cannabis. After a long drawn out process they have finally received approval with Director Tony Bower being declared ‘a fit and proper person for a license’.

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Herbal Status

Why legalisation and not decriminalisation? Some cautious and well-meaning people advocate the ‘decriminalisation’ of the possession and cultivation of cannabis for personal use. They accept that the use of cannabis is a victimless ‘crime’ and that the greatest danger posed by use of the herb is its current legal status. But having accepted that personal cannabis use is not a rightful consideration for agents of law enforcement

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From the people of this Earth

Today, the hemp industry is offering many alternatives to our oil dependent economy including soap, brick for houses, biofuel, textile for clothing, food, paper, packaging, and cosmetics. The hemp plant is easy to cultivate and demands no pesticides and little water to grow. Although the possibilities are endless, some powerful interests have crippled its progress in our lives for profit made by the oil and pesticide companies. This is why we address this letter ….

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Obama and Rudd on Cannabis

On a mission to learn about dispensing hemp products, Mr Rudd finds Mini me Obama an easy person to speak with.

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Over 4,200 Outlets Nationwide – Cannabis is much safer than Opium or Coca and is better for the environment. All DTFH franchises are constructed using industrial hemp fibre and the union members wear hemp clothing supplied by Australian manufacturers using local hemp resources.

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It’s not the purpose of these guidelines to tell people how to behave, but to ensure they have solid evidence available so they can make educated and informed decisions.


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