Mullaway in Court

Tony Bower Mullaways Medical Cannabis

MULLAWAYS MEDICAL CANNABIS JUDGED THIS TUESDAY IN KEMPSEY Supporters of Tony Bower and his medical cannabis tincture are driving to Kempsey this Sunday and Monday ( April 21/22 ) to finally witness his case being heard in Kempsey Court on Tuesday, after several false starts. Protestors will be assembling in front of the Court House at 9.30 am.

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Cannabis is Sativex is Cannabis

Cannabis is Sativex is Cannabis

Sativex is super strong, concentrated cannabis. Nothing more, nothing less. GW Pharmaceuticals would have you believe that it’s a “pharmaceutical” product because according to its research that’s what patients prefer. As the GW spokesman puts it, “It’s a pharmaceutical solution, formulated with the ability to deliver a precise dose and with stringent standards of quality, safety and efficacy”.

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Clearing the Smoke: The Science of Cannabis


Clearing the Smoke, reveals how cannabis acts on the brain and in the body to treat nausea, pain, epilepsy and potentially even cancer. Extensive interviews with patients, doctors, researchers and skeptics detail the promises and the limitations of medicinal cannabis. Even though the video has an American perspective, marijuana use is illegal throughout many countries of the world for reasons that are not clear.

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What are Endocannabinoids?

What are Endocannabinoids

Endocannabinoids are a group of lipid compounds (fatlike) that are produced by some invertebrates and all vertebrates including humans. Their classification is based on their biological activity, which is often similar to that of the main psychoactive phytocannabinoid (plant cannabinoid) delta-9 tetrahydrocanabinol (THC) found in the marijuana plant.

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Support for Cannabis Treaty

Support for Cannabis Treaty

On the 23 of August we will be going to NSW Parliament House to hand over our terms for a treaty on Cannabis. A treaty will be drawn up and presented to the Secretary of Health as it is the Health Department that control the Growing and Possession of cannabis in NSW for medical purposes. We will be asking that person to discuss a treaty. With the help and support of the Hemp Embassy we will be asking everyone to come down and support this.

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What About The Children?

What About The Children?

“What about the children?,” is one of the persistent refrains we hear from the cannabis prohibitionists, so let’s examine some factual information regarding cannabis and the children. In order to understand the potential impact of cannabis use on children, or anyone else, it’s necessary to first examine the endocannabinoid (marijuana from within) system and how it impacts all of us.

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Cannabis extracts cure cancer


Every vertebrate, from the time of conception till the time of death, literally has all body systems homeostatically regulated by endocannabinoids (marijuana-like compounds produced by the body). Illnesses are biochemical imbalances, failures of homeostasis. By being alive, all organisms suffer from the common biochemical imbalances that underlie aging and all age-related illness, including autoimmune, cognitive, cardiovascular diseases, as well as cancers.

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Cannabis Health

In the areas of health and medicine the use of Hemp could lead to dramatic improvements in society. Cannabis or Hemp seed is one of the richest sources of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), the plant based form of the essential fatty acid omega 3.

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A Typical Stoner - Dave

Dave, 28, is an agent in a high-pressure talent agency. Dave was diagnosed with Clinical Anxiety. Dave is a regular user of medical marijuana. After an unsuccessful bout with anti-depressants, Dave found that medical marijuana helps with panic attacks, anxiety, heart palpitations, and stress. Now Dave comes to work rested and relaxed, and his symptoms are under control. Dave never thought he was the type of person who would use marijuana as medicine, until he did – and realized that marijuana works for him.

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Cannabis Yields and Dosage

This booklet shows how and why those safe harbor guidelines can and should be expanded by localities, doctors, and by the legislature. You can help advance this process. Whether a patient, physician, policy maker, prosecutor, police officer, or concerned citizen, please take a stand for the principles of reason, compassion and the rule of law. –

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