Hemp Bullets Exceed Expectations

June quarterly figures were beyond the wildest dreams of market analyzers and news of a take-over from rival Euro renewable resource giant Groene Revolutie created furious trading on Hemp Bullets after lunch.

Shares in the newly listed company shot through the roof today closing up 78% to $4.21 at the end of trade.

“The time is right to give the market the freedom to move on this opportunity”, said Matt Gandey, a company spokesperson. “Our slow release formula is perfect for crowd control. We can guarantee 100% passification of even the most hostile protestors.”

“Hemp bullets are bio-degradable and don’t leave a scar. For small events we recommend the Acapulco Gold and for large scale demonstrations you can’t go past Durban Poison with added THC. Since the London Riots we’ve seen a recent surge in demand for all our hemp ammo”, said Mr. Gandey.

Made from Australian Cannabis grown under licence for the manufacture of munitions for military and law enforcement, the patented product won the 2011 award for Humane Inventions. 

They are relatively inexpensive to produce and hemp bullets are less than half the weight of conventional bullets, making them cheaper to transport.

There are also environmental benefits, hemp bullets are Carbon neutral. For every hectare of hemp under cultivation, about 22 tonnes of CO2 is sequestered from the atmosphere per year, which attracts investment from companies that need to off-set their CO2 emmissions and to support an industry that creates Australian jobs.

Government wage subsidies have helped establish the Nimbin based operation now expanding to wider pastures. With more civil unrest and potential terrorist threats, the future for the company is looking bright. 

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