Australia21 Illicit Drug Policy Report

Australia21 Illicit Drug Policy Report

In September 2011 Australia21 appointed a steering group that included a number of Australian experts on illicit drug policy. Their task was to work towards an Australian review of the policy of prohibition and explore a different approach to illicit drugs in Australia. The group recommended a high level exploratory roundtable on the topic; What are the likely costs and benefits of a change in Australia’s current policy on illicit drugs?

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US must legalise drugs to stop violence


Former Mexican President Vicente Fox made a passionate and powerful call for an end to the war on drugs and called on the United States to legalize drugs to help reduce the violence in Mexico in an interview with BBC TV his week. Fox is critical of current Mexican President Calderon and the US government’s counterproductive “drug control” strategy – and says they are responsible for the 50,000 prohibition-related deaths in Mexico in just the last five years.

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Reaping Gold at Nimbin Prison Farm


New production trials pay off at Nimbin Prison Farm this Spring. Due to the success of Cannabis cultivation techniques, NPF have raised a healthy batch of seedlings now ready to plant out. NPF struck a major deal with a US based franchise; Need-4-Weed, who will spread the Nimbin Prison Farm brand throughout the 16 states that have approved medical marijuana in the USA. Californian medical marijuana patients are fond of Aussie weed and supply can’t keep up with demand.

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Support for Cannabis Treaty

Support for Cannabis Treaty

On the 23 of August we will be going to NSW Parliament House to hand over our terms for a treaty on Cannabis. A treaty will be drawn up and presented to the Secretary of Health as it is the Health Department that control the Growing and Possession of cannabis in NSW for medical purposes. We will be asking that person to discuss a treaty. With the help and support of the Hemp Embassy we will be asking everyone to come down and support this.

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Law Enforcement Against Prohibition LEAP Australia


Law Enforcement Against Prohibition LEAP Australia – Newsletter One. LEAP Australia is made up of current and former members of law enforcement who believe the existing drug policies have failed in their intended goals of addressing the problems of crime, drug abuse, addiction, juvenile drug use, stopping the flow of illegal drugs into this country and the internal sale and use of illegal drugs.

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Professor Nutt and the Deadly Cocktail

This is just the sort of opinion that got Nutt sacked. It is a little over a year since he was fired from his post as chair of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, for publicly stating that alcohol and tobacco were more harmful than LSD, ecstasy and cannabis.

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Cannabis Yields and Dosage

This booklet shows how and why those safe harbor guidelines can and should be expanded by localities, doctors, and by the legislature. You can help advance this process. Whether a patient, physician, policy maker, prosecutor, police officer, or concerned citizen, please take a stand for the principles of reason, compassion and the rule of law. –

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Targeting Blacks for Marijuana

In 2008, police departments in California made more than 60,000 marijuana possession arrests, three times as many as in 1990. The people arrested are disproportionately African Americans1 and Latinos, overwhelmingly young people, especially young men. .

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LEAP's Annual Report

Founded in 2002 by five cops, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) is run and represented solely by those who fought on the front lines of the “war on drugs” and who know firsthand that prohibition only worsens drug addiction and street violence. Today, LEAP has more than 30,000 supporters including police, prosecutors, judges, FBI/DEA agents, corrections officials, military personnel and civilians. LEAP has members in 76 countries and its 100 speakers have helped to put a credible face on the modern anti-prohibition movement by giving more than 5,500 presentations to civic groups, public officials, members of the media and others. More information about LEAP is online at:

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Karma and the Trade in Sleeping Medicine.

UNDACUVA JOURNAL Karma and the Trade in Sleeping Medicine. Why is the Dalai Lama always smiling and happy? What he told me changed my life forever. He convinced me Karma was for real. Cause and effect playing out to the enth degree, every hair on your head counted, the same hippy stuff I’ve been hearing for years [...]

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