From the people of this Earth

Dear President,
I am writting you this letter in support of your government fight for justice, equality, and peace. Recent events show with undeniable evidence that the world in which we are living today is not going to be sustainable, economically, socially, and environmentally.

We are looking for long lasting changes that are going to serve the interests of the people while preserving the resources of this earth. It is needless to remind you of the catastrophic state our planet, but more important to find true solutions to our problems.

Our dependence on oil has had lasting effect on the health of the people as well as destructive consequences on our environment. But alternatives exist and only demand to be looked upon with more consideration.

The hemp plant has been used for centuries by many different civilizations including the United States. The US 1776 declaration of independence was signed on hemp paper. Ropes used by the royal navy ships during the years of the British empire were made out of hemp.


Today, the hemp industry is offering many alternatives to our oil dependent economy including soap, brick for houses, biofuel, textile for clothing, food, paper, packaging, and cosmetics. The hemp plant is easy to cultivate and demands no pesticides and little water to grow.

Although the possibilities are endless, some powerful interests have crippled its progress in our lives for profit made by the oil and pesticide companies.

This is why we address this letter to you. Knowing that in recent years you have put the interests of your people before the profits of large corporations.

We believe that with the right government, we could bring this plant into a wider use, and reap its benefits to improve the lives of countless individuals. We know that the task is big, but the potential reward for mankind and nature is invaluable.

We thank you for the attention you brought to this letter, and are looking forward to work with you toward making a better world.  

Thank you 

From the people of this Earth.


Sincerly yours  

Hemporium SA  
PO Box 100  
South Africa


Hemp can save the Planet.

This is a message addressed to the governments of Bolivia, Ecuador, Brazil, and Venezuela. If you agree with it, please copy it and send to as may friends as you can, before sending it to the following addresses. 
Thank you.

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Bolivia :  

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