Free Schapelle

There is an unfair land called Australia
That gets involved in other peoples’ fights
And masks its motives behind ‘human rights’
While its record in such is abject failure.

Just as they hide aborigine genocide
History and education side-by-side
High priests of information
Have distorted another nation.

Justifying one corruption after another
Just a colonial agent for ‘big brother’
With tears to govern, meant to smother
And control just like every other.

Knee deep in a long, so-called ‘war on drugs’
A protection racket carried out by thugs
A prohibition propaganda switch
A wild goose hunt where they changed the witch.

No one noticed the ‘mafia’ ran the show
Too much baggage to let everyone know
Some guy had to fall, or better a girl
And then let the lies and the flag unfurl.

Under covers of ‘diplomacy’ and ‘law’
They took Schapelle Corby and threw her away
Deserted in a prison to this very day
Dumped by her country on an alien shore.

So many years of corruption to hide
Looking for a place to stuff it inside
The woman’s body board bag for the ride
We know the truth can always be denied.

Just as a little evidence goes missing
Justice and crime can be seen kissing
The dirty hands that feed malice and greed
And make sure than everyone is agreed
That we’re all better off if just one bleeds
So we can follow along as the newsician reads
And bump and grind to the moronic feeds
That set’s up who and in what to believe
Chanting ‘convicted drug smuggler’, indeed.

So that woman squanders her life in jail
To protect corrupt officials who tell
‘It’s not me, your honour, I do pray tell
It’s that wicked, naughty bad girl, Schapelle.”
Turned over to the masses and dropped in hell.

What will it take to rescue Schapelle?
Will Australians remember how she fell?
Can’t you let go of your beers for a minute?
Are ya always gonna let them spin it?
Take your eyes off the football and the cricket
This is your country, you want them to dick it?

Are you calling her ‘expendable’, too?
Is she Aborigine, Palestinian? A Jew?
What can this Australian hope to do
To get a fellow aussie out of this stew?

This woman’s fate is a national scandal
The state has been a treacherous vandal
Ruining her life to cover their shame
In their filthy and treasonous game
They call it a war on drugs but it’s name
Should be subjugation of the masses
It spies, lies and picks and harasses
Sells them popcorn without getting off their asses.

I’d like to see us all able to run free
I don’t wanna be ashamed of my country
But while Schapelle rots away in Bali jail
My government gets a great big FAIL.

Bazra 2012


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