Unda lost in the forest

Journal of the North Coasts longest serving covert.

The acacias are ringbarked for a hundred metres around the feral hippy camp I’ve been enjoying myself in for the last month. From this eagles nest mountain retreat they are first to see the choppers, but don’t notice their kids chewing the wattle bark.

I’ve never met kids like this before. Born in the forest and reared in the campfire smoke, they are sharp as cockspur and tough as bracken. Some mothers go down the mountain and attempt to join the mainstream but they seem to return quickly. The kids can’t handle class rooms but they are all expert on their solar powered laptops.
The wattle chewing should never have been mentioned in Unda reports because now the Feds want to ban acacias, along with any cactus which may give you a spiritual experience.

I asked the Boss if he liked Walt Disney’s characters and cartoons.
“Of course”, he gave me a trying look.
“You know he got them from peyote visions,” I started to tell him. “On a mescaline trip he saw all these cartoon characters and came back and started drawing them. Soon…..”, but he was walking away, stopped listening. Waste of breath on my part. This is why I know how alienated you hippies feel.
“Unless you’ve been there….”, is a favourite Unda saying we comfort each other with when the Boss just doesn’t believe our tales of life beyond the blue line. 

But in Canberra they believe everything, just in case of insurance! They believed the dmt and mescal stories and in their inimitable method of control they want all plants that may help you get a bit of living magic, simply banned. No matter it’s the Nations emblem!
Pipe, one of the older hippies in the tribe spent years with the desert blackfellas who mixed pituri and acacia. “Every plant has a purpose”, he says at least once a day, as he stuffs the little wooden pipe he’s named after full of the days mix.

I’ve seen him pinch leaves and collect bark and seeds from countless trees and he often says every day needs it’s own special mix. Four of us walked for two days to meet an old aboriginal fellow from Mount Lindsay way who Pipe had befriended. The two of them talked plants the whole time we trekked through the bush and it looked true that every plant had uses we know little about.

The old fellow thought it was hysterically funny about outlawing the acacias. “That should keep the chopper crew busy. They’ll need teams with chainsaws. At flowering season they should be easy to find.” More mad laughter around the campfire.

He reckoned when the whitefellas first arrived there are stories of the locals offering them what was probably a dmt mix. Of course the foreigners were never going to eat from the handful of what to them looked like dirt and ash. If only they had said yes, taken the risk, the land of Oz would have gone in a whole other direction!

While Pipe and his small band of dedicated apprentices research the hidden secrets of the bush the women have been weaving their giant mull plants into the trees. I’ve never seen plants so tall, up to twenty feet and more, wound around branches and on upward they’re trained like vines. And every few feet is a tiny cluster of blue or yellow flowers, carefully sewn around branches and the stalk. Now I can see them they’re everywhere, but for two whole days I didn’t notice a single bud despite being surrounded. Never ever have I seen such cleverness. As for the buds these vines grow? I’ll have a lot of trouble leaving this piece of paradise.

Feb 2011: HipiLeaks exclusive from CCC (Canberra Control Centre) to All Commanders. The flux of natural disasters has savagely depleted our police numbers as they are dispatched interstate or overseas. Assaults and robberies may have to wait but the annual cannabis eradication raids must not be reduced in any way.

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