Profit and Loss

These gargantuan beasts know no restraint, like a greedy crack whore selling everything, all the heirlooms for the joyous rapture of the moment, for the glorious hit of that ultimate drug, profit.

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2008 Float Awards Nimbin MardiGrass Parade

Cannabis Wanted

Alcohol Prohibition Returning

Holy communion has taken on a new meaning with sex scandal after sex scandal within the Catholic Church and an insurance fund to protect themselves from prosecution expenses.

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Nimbin Undercover Confessions

See more in the series soon.

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RCMP Raid Simpsons

Many of the news reports are incorrect with their reporting of the details of this raid. No plants were seized during this raid although there have been several conflicting news reports that over 70 plants were seized from Rick Simpson’s home; and this is simply untrue.

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The scent of hemp cuisine

Instead of copious amounts of pot smoking ‘for political reasons’, the H*E*M*P Bar is ‘demonstrating’ a wide range of hemp food stuffs

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A message from Rick Simpson

So for me to return to Canada would be like committing suicide. I would be thrown in jail and denied my medicine and a short time later you would hear in the news that Rick Simpson died of natural causes.

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Nimbin habitat threatened

Nimbin and cannabis have grown popular together. Like it or not they are close. As the tourism numbers grew here, largely on the back of Byron’s popularity, so did the cannabis trade.

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Streetbeat Undacover

The strategy was simple. Take the dog everywhere but the Museum in the morning and tell them you are giving them a break today.

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