A Message to Canberra

I ask you to take into consideration the huge benefits to health care that medical cannabis can provide. I also ask that consideration be given to the prohibition which imposes a huge burden on our country. It has been clearly shown in other countries that the removal of prohibition does not lead to an increase in drug use. Alcohol and tobacco are serious drugs and are controlled by regulation; this type of regulation should be applied to all drugs thus providing better control and revenue instead of a huge expense. The police would be free to do a job that would be more beneficial to society.

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“We know Kevin Rudd is looking for evidence based policies and surely it’s time to introduce cannabis regulations, quality controls and a tax system for Australia’s more than 2 million cannabis users. It’s a realistic dream and we are closer than ever to a common-sense end to cannabis prohibition.”


Talking Medical Cannabis

Dear Kevin, The Nimbin HEMP Embassy has written to President Obama and asked him to talk to you about Medical Cannabis and the difference it has made in America where States have opened legal medical cannabis dispensaries. What a positive difference it has made in arrest rates, police and court costs, employment and in tax revenue. Its a win win win win situation

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Letter to Obama

Dear Mr President, can you please discuss medical cannabis with Prime Minister Kevin Rudd during your visit to Australia this month. Mr. Rudd is in the dark, it seems. He declined the joint when offered years ago. Our Government is still claiming that cannabis causes psychosis and is 10 times stronger than 30 years ago. NSW is building a new jail every year to keep up with arrests. 56% of our juveniles in jail are Aboriginals, yet they represent 2% of the population. We will travel to Canberra during your visit with Big Joint, our 10 metre inflatable, to try and remind you how important the issue is.

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The forgotten war!

Douglas Husak combines hard fact and rigorous moral reasoning in his well-argued analysis of the drug law debate in his book, ‘Legalize This! The case for decriminalising drugs.’ We have summarised his arguments – without offering our own view – to help the reader decide how they feel about the central question of the justice of drug laws.

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Black History, Bright Future.

Mullaways Medical Cannabis has got the go ahead from the Federal level of the Therapeutic Goods Administration to move forward with their plans to manufacture medical cannabis. After a long drawn out process they have finally received approval with Director Tony Bower being declared ‘a fit and proper person for a license’.

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his week I’ve been keeping a protective eye on the four CIA early birds who are filming the Nimbin street scene endlessly, you must have seen them. Apparently they were going to replace several hundred local identities with their own people as lookalikes for the day Obama comes but matching the freaks in this village is not as easy as they imagined. So if we miss out on the Presidential Tour you now know why.

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