Alternative Town

In some ways, MardiGrass is an annual event much like any other with fantastic local foods, music in the form of bands (sometimes well-known international bands), market stalls and organised activities. The major difference is that all activities are aimed at celebrating the marijuana harvest, raising awareness of hemp products, and advocating the legalisation of marijuana for medicinal and personal use.

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Targeting Blacks for Marijuana

In 2008, police departments in California made more than 60,000 marijuana possession arrests, three times as many as in 1990. The people arrested are disproportionately African Americans1 and Latinos, overwhelmingly young people, especially young men. .

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Compulsive Risk Assessment Psychosis

In the middle of all this the Tourism Authority releases its annual popularity poll and it seems that those forms you fill out as you are leaving the country has the Opera House as the most visited site in Oz, closely followed by a WKNTA (Well Known Nimbin Tourist Attraction.) The figures were buried of course with the MBK catatonic about never ever letting hippies get positive media.

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