A Grower's Lot by Kog

MARIJUANA A Grower’s Lot by Kog. A step by step guide to growing organic marijuana. Features include: – plot preparation – seed selection – germination – cloning – watering and fertilising – harvesting – drying, curing and storage.

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Sex Party preferences come from high rollers

In the 2010 Federal Election the Australian HEMP Party advise their members that the Australian SEX Party has rational and appropriate policies relating to cannabis. The Australian HEMP Party advises that members should number their ballot paper ‘below the line’ and so take control of their own preferences. –

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A Typical Stoner - Dave

Dave, 28, is an agent in a high-pressure talent agency. Dave was diagnosed with Clinical Anxiety. Dave is a regular user of medical marijuana. After an unsuccessful bout with anti-depressants, Dave found that medical marijuana helps with panic attacks, anxiety, heart palpitations, and stress. Now Dave comes to work rested and relaxed, and his symptoms are under control. Dave never thought he was the type of person who would use marijuana as medicine, until he did – and realized that marijuana works for him.

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Cannabis Yields and Dosage

This booklet shows how and why those safe harbor guidelines can and should be expanded by localities, doctors, and by the legislature. You can help advance this process. Whether a patient, physician, policy maker, prosecutor, police officer, or concerned citizen, please take a stand for the principles of reason, compassion and the rule of law. –

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CRAP and the terror of an Unda overdose

Obama is livid. You won’t see it on the news and he is rarely upset, but he was furious at the Dillard for stubbing the hempsters and their big joint out of the Aussie election. He needs allies in his war against the war on drugs. At first he told everyone to cancel the trip Down Unda, later relenting as he realised she didn’t know, and perhaps it was his duty to fix that. Well, who else now?

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