Nimbin nine eleven

Some business owners, whose shops cater to the tourist trade, talked about very unfriendly police interactions and indicated that they believed their current financial difficulties were largely attributable to the overbearing police tactics currently being employed in the village. Following the rally in the main street of town the brightly dressed protestors walked, danced, and sang their way to the local Police Station in a procession led by a Ganja Faerie and the Big Joint, where they assembled and held what was described as a ‘Community Protest Theatre’.

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Unda the polite circus

I’ve been working the busses for the Boss. He’s determined to find the source and goes on about it at every meeting. “We’re spending half our dog budget on your bloody village Virginia, or whatever your name is this week. Find me the source. Who’s in charge of the circus out there.” He doesn’t get it and if I say “unorganised crime, sir” as I have before, I’m liable to get screamed at. “Work the busses, find the source.” He’s convinced there’s a giant crop hidden un the hills.

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